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Fighting Envy at the Workplace

groupmate has. So, this is a question of your own unwillingness to widen

the limits that our society places upon itself.

You’re upset that she was able to charm everybody, but who prevents

you from being charming too? You don’t like her outside and inside

pretence: her smile, her gait, the kindness and innocence in her eyes,

her words, her actions, and manners of behavior. But why are you annoyed

with the fact that a person is well-paid for selling herself?

If they pay more for “smiles and kindness”, why shouldn’t

a person use them? Your colleague is pleased with herself and she is able

to find enough excuses for her behavior. Even killers and thieves have

a conviction that they are right, and that it is society which is guilty

in all disasters.

You think that your colleague doesn’t deserve her success. But

everybody has what he or she deserves. The question is by what means she

deserves it. You’re asking why she gets everything when at the same

time you graduated University with honors too; you have an academic degree

(in contrast to her), and you’re more sincere and more interesting

than she is. You know what a real friendship is while for her it’s

just a cold benefit. But what makes you think that former excellent students

have to earn more money than others? The people that get more are the

people that are valuable.

At Universities, we’re taught that the better we study the better

salary we will later receive. But the reality is a bit different. The

higher-paid individuals are those who work effectively and sell the products

of their work more effectively. But the question of effectiveness is rarely

discussed in our education system. You think that they have to pay to

you more -- but what’s the sense of paying more to a person who

has results only on paper? You have to learn to succeed in getting more

results while spending less strength. You have to learn to convince consumers

(your boss, your clients) that the results of your work are much better

than those of the other employees. And it is much easier to do when you

really do have better results. If the return from your work is higher

then your colleague’s return, then her success is “built on

sand”. In cases where you have better results, you can get a lot

more. And you shouldn’t have to renounce your ethical principles.

All you need to be successful is to have good results achieved by spending

less strength and an ability to bring these results to a potential client.

You say that it often seems to you that in your communication, she tries

to emphasize her higher position. At her birthday party, at a restaurant

where there were many people, she said that you had studied together at

the University. And it seemed to you that everybody thought at that time

about the difference in your positions even though you graduated together

-- she is a department manager and you are an ordinary specialist. In

reality nobody cares about your success or failure. Everybody think of

themselves. Except for yourself and your supervisor, nobody really takes

much notice of such things.

You think that she is not a hardworking person, but who told you that

hardworking people get more success then others? Our society gave you

this idea. It’s not bad. You took one idea and now you are able

to take another one.

I’ll tell you a big secret - people achieve success through the

ability to get great results while spending less strength than your competitors.

You are using your diligence the wrong way. Success accompanies those

who diligently raises their efficiency and who diligently bring to the

clients the benefits of their results. And it doesn’t matter whether

you have your own business or you are a hired employee. What matters most

is an object (a chief, a market) that takes your results and brings you

an income or a salary with bonuses.

You’re expecting me to tell you that you have to stop looking

at her, envy her success, and just live your own life and try to achieve

your own success. You understand it, but there is just one snag to it

– you can hardly control yourself at the mention of her. As a result,

I won’t tell you that. I’ll recommend that you compare yourself

with her. Ask yourself how you can achieve more, while at the same time

not breaking your ethical principles. Ask yourself how you can sincerely

do some things which she does falsely. Ask yourself how to act effectively.

And your last question is how to overcome yourself. It is easy –

you don’t have to overcome yourself because you’ll lose anyway?.

Just accept yourself as you are, with all your merits and demerits. Learn

to be a really effective person and to keep your ethical principles. Don’t

overstep yourself. You just have to develop necessary principles, standards,

and rules. An ordinary worker is not as effective as he/she thinks. Be

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