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Having Confidence as a Working Woman

Women who have small kids usually try to hide this fact when interviewing for a job. They believe that this may kill their chances of getting a good job. But parental experience, on the contrary, should be treated as a great advantage in terms of climbing the career ladder.


Oatmeal extreme


While being on maternal leave -- when you spend most of your time at home -- it seems like you’re cut off from the rest of the world. You forgot what you had known and had done. That’s why many young mothers feel very insecure and reserved while waiting for an interview. And the employer feels this too. But, hey, how can you feel shy and insecure? Let’s go back a little bit to yesterday…


You’re standing near the oven, trying to cook some oatmeal for breakfast. Your 1-year-old daughter is playing on the floor. Suddenly, your 3-year-old son appears in the kitchen, bumps into his sister, falls down, and hits his head on the corner of the kitchen-table. Both kids start screaming. At that very moment, the oatmeal starts running over the edge of the pot. The phone rings…


Well, does anything seem familiar to you? You feel like leaving this all and finding yourself somewhere at the world’s end. But you never do! Instead, you stay and deal with everything, and in the process you become stronger, more patient and resolute. These qualities make you a great potential employee. Here’s the opinion of a young father, working as a manager of a big company. “I remember the time when my 2-year-old son got sick. He cried non-stop for 2 days. I wanted to wash my hands of it and get lost somewhere far away. Then I realized that I couldn’t take the responsibility off my shoulders and put it on someone else’s. I was the father, so I had to deal with everything myself – even with lack of experience and energy. My son taught me to find solutions even in a critical situation and not to give in. I would never have gotten my position if I hadn’t been a father in the first place. When dealing with people and their problems, a manager must think positively and never yield.”


13 qualities of a business mother


Every job requires certain knowledge and skills; one must be hard-working, initiative, communicative, etc. Today, you are to list all this in your resume, and not to wait for your future employer to notice everything.


Well, let’s get down to business. If your maternal leave is close to its end and you’re ready to go back to a busy working life, do not rush to send everyone your old resume. Take a pen and paper and carefully analyze everything you’ve learned since your child’s birth. If you do it thoroughly, you will end up with an impressive list of skills – add it to your new resume. Here are some qualities that might be on your list:


  1. Ability to work on different tasks at the same time (see the Oatmeal Story above)
  2. Ability to cope with stressful situations (see the same story).
  3. Responsible. If you learned to be responsible with your children, you are sure to be responsible with everything else.
  4. Thinking strategically. Bringing up any child means setting short-term and long-term objectives. You learn to take into consideration every small detail in order to reach your goal.
  5. Having flexible thinking. Imagine a situation in which you bought 2 tickets to the theatre (and paid a decent sum of money for them). When the day comes, your child has a fever. Sound familiar? Oh yes, kids can make such surprises and ruin all the plans. There’s no choice in the matter – you stay home with the sick child. A wise parent does not get upset when it happens for the 10th time – he or she learns to be calm and to adopt his or her wishes to changing circumstances.
  6. Patience. How long does it take your little daughter to get from the door to the car? Eternity! Because she stops every 2 seconds surprised by something new. Children have their own pace in life. Only true professionals can cope with it.
  7. Ability to find compromise. Nobody will teach you this skill better than children. Stubborn, impulsive, and persistent, they fall down on the road and scream for something they want. Or they refuse to try a meal that took you the whole day to prepare.
  8. Being diplomatic. Conflicts occur everywhere – between children and adults. If you can learn to divide toys between your kids, you will successfully bring down any conflict in your office.
  9. Quick reaction and ability to make decisions. When

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