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Having Confidence as a Working Woman

your son is running to the road, and a huge truck is driving in the

same direction, there’s no time to think; the life of your child

depends on your quick reactions. Of course, most of the situations are

less critical. For example, you’re standing near an ice-cream

shop and your daughter starts whining for a cone. You must quickly decide:

you can buy her a cone, or you may refuse and go home.

  • Ability to accept everything as it is. You’ve

    always dreamed that your son will become an economist, but he hates

    math. You wanted to have one child, but you got twins. There’s

    no choice but to go with it, accept the situation, and learn to deal

    with it. There’s a good chance that something will annoy you in

    your new job – your success depends greatly on your ability to


  • Ability to choose priorities and solve problems in order

    of their importance. This is true of both crises at home and

    at work.

  • Being physically strong. Having a small child, you

    need to be physically tough. Remember how many nights you spent awake

    next to your baby’s bed? Or your efforts during delivery? Do you

    still consider yourself weak?

  • Productivity and organization. When my kids were

    small, they loved to play and run in their room in the morning. So I

    learned to do all the chores during those early hours. Every young mother

    has to utilize every minute of the day, plus keep in mind the work schedules

    of other family members. Therefore, she knows how to arrange everything

    in the most productive way possible.

  • Well, that will do. So, do you still feel insecure and shy? You

    may add more qualities to this list if you thoroughly analyze your own

    parental experience.

    New challenges

    Of course, there will be more problems. Football games, school concerts

    – all this shouldn’t prevent you from climbing the career

    ladder. Ask your relatives to help you or find a good school and a nanny.

    In this case, you will never blush when your prospective boss asks you

    about your children at a job interview. On the contrary, you will smile

    and proudly explain to him or her that you have one child (two, three,

    four…), but it cannot prevent you from successful and productive


    Or maybe you’re already employed and you’re successfully

    demonstrating all the above-mentioned qualities. Then you should determine

    if your paycheck reflects all the skills you possess. Never under-estimate

    yourself and nobody else will either.

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