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Make Your Workplace More Homey


The way we feel at our workplace influences our ability to work well and our state of health. We can't reconstruct the whole office to our preference, but we can organize our workplace so as it is as comfortable as our home.


  • Do not face the wall. Psychologists believe that putting your back towards everything happening in the office and your face towards the wall can lead to mental depression. If you can move the furniture, then move your desk so that you face your colleagues.
  • Put a calendar, your working schedule, a horseshoe for good luck or a picture on the wall. Abstract paintings will have a positive effect on your mind. Avoid dark pictures.
  • Place a photo of your loved one, child or a pet (a dog, a cat, a hamster) on the desk. It is said to neutralize the negative affects of stress. So, find out if this is true.
  • Place a beautiful plant or an aquarium with fish somewhere near your desk. "Animated nature" calms the nerves and stimulates intellectual activity.
  • Each object should be in its own place. Very soon your hands will remember each object's place as the pianist's hands remember the way piano keys are arranged. This will help you reduce time spent in search for things.
  • Do not pile your desk with unnecessary copies of documents. A stack of papers has a negative effect on your mind. Keep the papers either in the bookcase or in your computer.
  • You might also want to accentuate that the owner of the desk is a woman. You might add a lipstick, mirror or perfume bottle to the photos and the plants. These nice sweet things are not likely to change the business atmosphere of your workplace, but you will feel more comfortable. As for your male colleagues, they might visit your desk more often.

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