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Why Preferences Change During Pregnancy

If a woman complains that she used to adore coffee, but now the smell of it is enough to make her sick, or if she says that she used to have a smoke every half an hour, but now avoids smoke-filled rooms, many...

The First Ten Weeks Of Pregnancy

Why should you prepare for childbirth and worry what he or she will be like? Your baby is already living inside you. All his physical characteristics are set at the moment of conception -- the color of his...

Pregnancy: The First Trimester

It is a time of unusual and unaccustomed symptoms to emerge. But do not be afraid. Make a list of questions and troubles you would like to discuss with your gynecologist. And right now, we will try to answer...

Changes During the First Month of Pregnancy

A woman whose pregnancy has just been verified is experiencing a splash of sensations. Confusion, joy, fright, uncertainty, and happiness are all common emotions. If a baby was a wish for a really long time,...

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