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Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Getting rid of indigestion is out of the question, and it is one of the most unpleasant aspects of pregnancy. However, there are some effective methods to minimize discomfort:


  • avoid excessive food intake, as it overloads the stomach; eat often but the portions should be small; chew slowly and thoroughly
  • exclude hot and spicy dishes from your diet, as well as fried and fat foods, canned meat, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and mint (even in chewing gum)
  • avoid taking substances containing caffeine
  • do not smoke!
  • do not wear tight clothes around the belly and waist
  • avoid bending your back - it is better to bend your knees first
  • while sleeping, keep your head elevated 20cm with pillows
  • consult your doctor about acidity


Appetite and caprices

A husband running in the night wearing a coat over his pajamas while searching for ice cream or a can of olives just to satisfy his pregnant wife’s caprices is quite a normal occurrence. Cravings change during pregnancy.


Research shows that 76-90% of pregnant women want to have only one kind of food, while 50-80% have aversion to food. To a certain extent it is hormone emptiness, which is the greatest in the first trimester, that is responsible for sudden cravings.


If you want something and consider it to be useful for you and your child, it is very good. However, if you want something that is not healthy, try to find a substitute: raisings, apricots, or fruit juices instead of sweets, chocolate bars, or salty crackers. It is useful to substitute your tasty desires with exercises, bathing, reading, and other leisure activities.


Cravings or aversion to food lessen or disappear by the forth pregnancy month. Emotional needs may cause even more prolonged cravings. Some women have thirst for specific substances: clay, ashes, starch. It may mean there is a deficiency of different substances in the body, especially iron. You should tell your doctor about it.


Cholesterol. It is necessary for normal embryo development, which is why the mother’s body doubles its production automatically and raises its level in the blood from 25% to 40%. However, you should not eat a high cholesterol diet; you should have eggs and cheese every day to cover calcium deficiency, and meat should be eaten occasionally. Remember, products rich in cholesterol are also rich in fat and calories, and having them too often will lead to weight gain. It is better to have poultry without skin, low-fat milk products, and chicken protein.


Vegetarianism. Women vegetarians generally have healthy children because of the basis of a vegetarian diet. However, when pregnant, such women should pay attention to the following things:


  • protein; Vegetarians who eat dairy products will have a sufficient amount of protein, the others should add vegetable protein to their diet
  • calcium; This is not a problem for vegetarians who eat dairy products. Products containing soy are very good sources of calcium. To be sure a vegetarian has enough calcium, she is recommended to take calcium supplements
  • vitamins; The ones that animal food contains should be taken as supplements: B12, folic acid, and iron. Vitamin D is in cod-liver oil. It is also synthesized in skin under the influence of sun rays, but it is dangerous to spend a lot of time sunbathing.


Fast food. Having bad food will deprive your son from developing the right way. You should improve your diet, so here are a few pieces of advice for you:


  • if you are accustomed to having breakfast consisting of sandwiches, then have breakfast at your workplace. At lunch break, go to the café and have a normal dish.
  • do not think of what is easier for digestion, think of what is more important for your baby. Plan your meals and eat regularly.
  • do not have sweets, chips, cakes, or sweet drinks at home, but always have fresh fruit, nuts, fruit juices, crackers, boiled eggs, and cheese
  • do not excuse your bad eating habits by your small budget; A glass of juice or milk is cheaper than a can of coke.



The most common problems are pregnancy complications and not something that happens quite by accident. As for the accidents, they are usually just a result of carelessness and can be avoided if you follow these simple

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