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Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Week 24


Most pregnant women have the best pregnancy period now. You will look great and feel happy. If you have been gaining weight gradually and slowly till this time, now you will become plump very quickly.

Your baby:


There are no fat sediments yet, that is why the body is thin. But he behaves and looks like an infant before childbirth. Sudoriferous glands are formed in skin. The arms and legs muscles are well developed already, and the baby proves their strength regularly. Periods of activity, when you feel his movements, alternate with periods of quietness. He can cough and have hiccups; it feels like a slight knocking inside. The eyes are still coated, but they will open during week 28 and the baby will be able to see. The baby hears your voice and music already. He likes some tunes and lets you know about it moving. He starts when hears acute sounds. Taste buds are formed on his tongue. He distinguishes between sweet, salty and bitter things. The child is fed through the placenta and is protected by warm amniotic fluid. This fluid regulates temperature and protects the baby from pushes and infection. The baby frowns, screws up the eyes, fills his cheeks out, opens the mouth – such varied mimickery! The baby can push, turn, and clench his fist. His sleeping time does not always coincide with yours; perhaps he will be active when you want to sleep. His length is 33 cm, weight – 570 gr.


New sensations:


You feel inner soreness, which is caused by the strain of the chords holding the uterus. There may be stuffiness in the ear. Your gums bleed. The lower limb muscles spasms. Swelling, varix.


Besides, it seems to you that there are two or even three babies pushing from inside. In fact, the uterus becomes small and your baby is pushing with his feet, knees, fists and elbows.


You have gained a lot of weight. But the optimal weight gain is 4, 5 kg. Now you are in need of wider clothes, so your movements are not limited. Sweating may become a problem, and it will be more difficult to bear heat. Drink a lot of water; do not wear synthetics clothes.


The way you look:


Your face has become plumper than ever, as your body keeps more water. Dark rims around nipples become more and more noticeable. The belly grows.


What you should do:


If you are going to breast-feed your baby, consult the doctor. Ask him how to prepare your breasts for it, so that you have no problems in future.


While resting, try to put your legs higher; lay a pillow below them to avoid swelling. Do exercises and relax carefully, but regularly; respiratory exercises are also necessary. Buy antenatal bandage, it will be easier for you to move and you will be able to avoid stretching on your belly.


To prevent hemorrhoids:


  • avoid constipation! Constipation should not be one of the pregnancy symptoms. Preventive measures are also a way to avoid anus varix. Try to sleep on your side, not on your back, to avoid additional anus veins pressure; do not stand or sit for a long time;
  • do not strain while defecating;
  • do Kegl exercise regularly (straining and relaxing anus muscles);
  • have warm baths in sitting position twice a day;
  • do cold compresses (use ice);
  • use suppositories and medicine prescribed by the doctor only;
  • keep your anus and vagina clean; do not use toilet paper after toilet, it is better to have a shower;
  • rest lying on your side. Watch TV, talk on the phone in the same position.

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