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Understanding Your Partner Through His Food Preferences

Can one judge a person’s character by his or her favorite dishes? It is beyond a doubt! Should one pay attention to the gastronomical preferences of your boyfriend? Sure! Otherwise, neither your love relations nor your family life will be a success.


Why did Jennifer Aniston divorce Brad Pitt?


Because she didn’t take into account the main thing: her husband’s favorite dainty dish was a milk and banana shake. He even included a separate item into their marriage contract, demanding from his wife that she prepare


A man who likes everything creamy (ice cream, milk shakes, cream whipped into sour cream, yogurt) is sensitive and emotional; he can make grandiose hysterics but he can’t stand his wife’s cries and caprices. He’s ready for self-sacrifice, but only in return for the warm, steady, and very patient behavior of his beloved.


If you appeal to his kind heart, he will be very nice to you. But if you speak to him in a dry, business-like tone, and appeal to his common sense, he will turn inwards and be disappointed in his girlfriend.


An addition to the marriage contract was something like an open message to his wife, which said, “Give me a treat, be delicate and patient with me, and treat me as a child.” But cold-blooded and business-like Jennifer decided that her husband was joking in such a delicate manner; she didn’t prepare milk shakes for him. She was neither delicate nor patient -- that’s why her marriage fell to the ground. If you don’t want to find yourself in a similar situation, then look through the psychological portraits of men who like one dish or another. The probability of coincidence that his “culinary traits of character” equals his real ones equals 80%


His favorite dishes are all kinds of roast meat, shashlik (pieces of mutton roasted on a spit), steaks, and schnitzel (fillet of pork or veal).


You have met a real man. He is a hunter and a winner. He is lion-hearted and generous, but hot-tempered. He likes everything beautiful. He wants to see his girlfriend always jolly and pleased.


How to treat him: To gain his favor, you should play a certain role. First, try to keep him at a distance, then let him understand what a good girl you are. Make him court you for some time. Never demonstrate that you are in a bad mood.


Bear in mind that a real macho man takes some dry wine after meat. And if your boyfriend prefers to eat shashlik and drink beer, then he only pretends to be macho. In fact, he is shy and indecisive.


He prefers a sandwich with sausage.


Poor boy! It is likely that when a boy, he was given lack of his mother’s care. In childhood he wasn’t stuffed with porridge containing raisins and jam. Mother neither cooked him an omelet nor served him a soft-boiled egg. She simply gave him something which is quick to prepare. For example, a piece of bread with sausage. That’s why he grew up as a distrustful and suspicious man. It is difficult for him to establish close emotional contact with a woman. If treated properly, he will be a good and reliable husband.


How to treat him: You will have to demonstrate your love and to introduce him to good cuisine. From time to time he will be against it and he will demand his favorite piece of bread with sausage. It will mean that in his heart he still feels himself to be a lonely child. Make a tasty three-layered sandwich with mayonnaise, pork, pickles cucumbers, cheese ”Emmentailer” and natural butter for him, but not the one which his mother did. He will eat your sandwich, feel the difference between you and his mother, and be very glad. Bear in mind that a passion for sausage without bread is a sign of an unbalanced and light-minded character.


He is always ready to eat fried or smoked chicken.


Such a man doesn’t have a rich imagination. Creative work isn’t his hobby either. But this man is courageous and persistent. He adores children. Sometimes he is very purposeful and he can achieve success in the spheres where other men fail. If you want to have a large country-house with a garden, and a lot of children and a dog, then marry such a man and you won’t regret it.


How to treat him: Don’t forget that such men are very attached to their parents -- that’s why you should try to win his mother’s favor.


Bear in mind that a man who likes chicken with mashed potatoes is more good-natured and obliging than a man who prefers fried potatoes as a garnish.


He is mad about pizza.

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