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Happiness in Small Packages

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Miniature dogs are just like cats. They eat very little and they don’t

drag their masters outside early in the morning. A miniature dog in the

house means minimum care and maximum happiness. That’s why busy

people prefer, out of all the types of dogs, “pocket” friends.

And there is a lot to choose from…

Chihuahua - sent from space

The smallest dogs in the world come from Mexico. There are many legends

about their origin. The dogs were believed to be sent from space, filled

with its energy through the soft spot on their head (the characteristic

specific to this breed). In Europe, these dogs became popular when in

1890 the President of Mexico presented a bouquet of flowers with a Chihuahua

hidden in the middle to an Italian singer, Adelina Patti. Moreover, Xuavier

Kjuga would conduct the orchestra holding a Chihuahua under his armpit.

Little Chihuahuas are nicely built, very energetic, brave, and devoted

to their masters. The dogs are easily trained, but would certainly bite

someone who provokes them. Chihuahuas are the perfect breed for city dwellers,

especially elderly ones. However, these little dogs are not for families

with small children. Chihuahuas are very clean, don’t smell or shed,

are easily housebroken, and they love tasty food and latex toys. They

don’t require any special attention except for a once-a-week brushing.

Toy-terriers are a sensitive and devoted friend

that love children and play well with other animals. These dogs may live

up to 20 years if taken care of properly. Toy terriers require no special

attention, are not picky about food, have a small appetite, and are easily

groomed and trained. They can be taught to use a litter-box so they don’t

need to go outside very often.

If a dog is very energetic and there is no time for a long walk, let

it swim in a bath tub for 7 to 10 minutes. Still, the dog shouldn’t

be deprived of an occasional long walk around the block in order to stay

healthy and live a longer life. During the winter, however, walking time

should be reduced. A special bit of information to remember is that toy

terriers tremble often due to a special feature called “terrier-trembling”,

which is caused by an easily excited nervous system.

Affen pinscher - furry devil

It might remind you of a monkey (Affen(Ger.) – a monkey). This

loving and devoted friend, who is always ready to protect its master,

comes from Germany. These dogs don’t need any special care. Regular

brushing is enough for the dog to look nice and well taken care of. Just

like any other miniature breed, they love to spend hours outside. Also,

there is a dwarf breed of Affen pinscher that originates from Germany.

They are not picky and require hardly any grooming. It’s the best

breed for city dwellers with small apartments.

Bichon Frise - simply charming

These dogs look just like a toy. They have gorgeous long, snow-white,

frizzy hair and a thick, splendid tail. This breed is preferable for housewives

and people with a free work schedule that would have time to brush this

lovely pet thoroughly every other day, and to trim its claws and to clean

its ears and eyes. In return, these devoted friends would bring great

amounts of joy and happiness to their masters.

Maltese - aristocrats of the dog world

Throughout centuries, these dogs were popular in high- society. Ambassadors

used to present these gorgeous pets to royal families as a sign of respect.

Noble ladies used to take these tiny, kind dogs with splendid white, silky

hair everywhere they went.

Maltese are gentle and brave, as well as energetic and healthy. Their

long hair needs daily brushing with a stiff brush. Their paws and tummies

should be sprinkled regularly with baby powder to prevent heavy soiling

in- between washings.

Pug - much in little

In ancient China, pugs were believed to be sent from Heaven and were

kept in wealthy families. They are ideal inside dogs, love children, possess

an outstanding feeling of self-respect, and are jealous and active. That’s

why they are often refereed to as ‘multimum pavro’ (much in


Daily brushing of a pug’s short and shiny hair is enough to restrict

bathing the dog only 4 times a year. Otherwise, a bioactive film that

protects and deodorizes the skin could be washed off and the dog’s

hair could become dull and filled with dandruff. A pug is the best choice

for both stay-at-home people and workaholics, as this dog doesn’t

need long daily walks outside. In the summer, walking time should be reduced

as pugs are very sensitive to heat. They aren’t picky about food

so sometimes they should be kept to a diet.

Yorkshire terrier - fashionable dogs

Masters carry around these dogs with hair bows as an exquisite accessory.

In return, Yorkshire terriers are very devoted and play well with other

animals. They are always ready to make friends. Consequently, these dogs <---newpage--->

are ideal for sociable people or for families with children. The Yorkshire

terrier competes with the Chihuahua for the title of “the smallest

dog” in the world (the largest specimen weighs less than 7 pounds).

Their long silky hair requires thorough washing, brushing, and conditioning.

Yorkshire terriers who participate in dog competitions have to spend hours

in hair curlers.

Cairn terrier- once and forever

This tiny dog with perked up ears has the most wonderful personality

and loves people, especially children who can tease and play with it as

long as they wish. People that have had this charming pet would never

substitute it for any other breed.

Cairn terriers can live comfortably in city apartments as well as in

the countryside. These dogs are easy to take care of; brushing and occasional

trimming of the hair from the front paws and tail is all that’s


Cairn terriers are very curious, love to splash in water, chase a ball,

and jump around. However, they adjust easily to walking on a leash and

to a settled life in town.

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