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The capital of the Indonesian Province of Bali has around 40,000 inhabitants and is therefore congested, loud and hectic. However, the museum, art center and market are worth a visit.

The buildings in the Bali Museum in traditional palace and temple architecture are well worth seeing. The collections inside provide a good overview of Bali's history; the dance masks and shadow play figures are particularly worth visiting. The Werdhi Budaya Art center on the eastern side of the beach combines Balinese architecture in opulent gardens with exhibitions of art and wooden crafts. Furthermore, dances are also performed here and the Bali Cultural Festival takes place every year in June/July. Genuine Balinese life can be experienced in Pasar Badung, the multi-story market hall where the Balinese buy everything they need. A prolific choice of arts and crafts can be found at Pasar Kumbasari, the basement of which has a night market from late afternoon.

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