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Lovina Beach

Several dead ends leading down to the sea and lined with hotels and restaurants branch off the main road from Singaraja to Gilimanuk along a stretch of coast roughly 3 miles long. Lovina Beach is still in the shadow of the tourist center of southern Bali. The sand in the north is dark due to the lava and is thus not so attractive for some. As recompense, however, the coast is protected by a coral reef which makes bathing, even for children, completely harmless. Those who go here cherish the quiet and relaxation in contrast to the hubbub of the southern Bali coast.

Divers and snorkeling take boats out to the reef. Some travel agencies and hotels offer day excursions to by far Bali's finest diving haunt, the island of Menjanga right over to the west. The surrounding mountains offer lovely walks as a change from beach life. North Bali’s largest city, Singaraja, is an attractive destination for day excursions.

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