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Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa could be used as a textbook example of over-exploitation of nature, which is still taking revenge. The beautiful beach in front of the bungalow complex was once protected by a coral reef, which fell prey to dynamite fishing and pillage for building materials. Nature retaliated and flooded the beach. Now, only when the tide goes, out a narrow strip of sand can be seen. Swimming is only feasible at high tide, and even then not safely. Long concrete wave breakers have been erected to protect the hotels, which all built pools long ago, from the force of the sea.

In spite of this, Candi Dasa promises a pleasant, peaceful holiday: beautiful bungalow complexes boast good restaurants with no hustle and bustle, and the surrounding area offers alluring excursions. Those really looking to bask on the beach head to Balina Beach, Mendira Beach or Sengkidu Beach a few miles west.

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