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Factors to Consider When Choosing Cosmetics

prolong youthfulness. They deeply influence the skin, helping remove drawbacks

and escalating the effect of your daily creams.

You have to use them at least twice a month but it is better to apply

masks once a week.

At your own will

1. Is it necessary to use serums?

Such strong products are better off not being used before the age of 30-35.

After having noticed the first signs of aging, start using anti-aging

products that fight wrinkles. This can be day or night creams. Use serums

as an addition to them.

Comparative analysis. Serums are considered

to be very strong cosmetic products that can be compared to a medicine

that is taken by series to support immunity. They activate natural processes

in the skin, stimulate metabolism, have regenerating and anti-aging effects,

and smooth small wrinkles. Don’t neglect serums but don’t

use them too often. Use when necessary by series twice a year.

2. Is it necessary to cover nails with restructuring cement before

painting them?

No, it is not -- but you should know that nail cement protects nails from

mechanical affections and from the influence of color nail polish which

make nails yellowish.

Comparative analysis. If you dye your hair

or do dishes with gloves on, your hands won’t be affected by water

and certainly will not get painted. Nail cement is not the same as wearing

gloves, but provides the same protective function by reducing mechanical,

thermal, and chemical influence on the nails. If you have split and fragile

nails buy a special remedy which will help to solve this problem. Use

once a week on it’s own or under a color nail polish.

3. Do I have to use a hair mousse?

Of course not. But if nature didn’t give you puffy hair and you

want to have it, hair mousse can help.

Comparative analysis. In order to determine

if you need to use such hair styling products, just raise your hair all

the way up. Did it get any better? If not, wash your hair, apply hair

mousse and dry with a hair drier. Pay attention to the fact that in beauty

shops they always use mousses to not only give hair volume, but to make

hair more flexible. Use when necessary -- everyday or for making a hairstyle

when going out.

4. It is necessary to use eye liner?

No, it is not! But eye liner underlines eyes and can help to visually

change the eyes.

Comparative analysis. Go to a picture gallery

and look at the pictures. Now imagine all the pictures without frames,

just canvases. You have to agree that pictures with frames, as well as

eyes with eye liner, look much better. But you have to be very careful

with eye liner, especially with a light one. You can experiment by yourself

or consult a professional.

Use when necessary; everyday or for evening makeup.

Taste preferences

We mean no offense to great perfumes, but it is a fact that price doesn’t

reflect the quality of a perfume (talking about real perfumes not counterfeited).

Cheap perfume can be no worse than a very expensive one. They probably

have less complicated compositions and are less prestigious, but if you

like what you smell you should buy them.

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