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The English word grapefruit means "the fruit of grapes". But as far as nutritional values go, there is nothing common between grapes and this citrus fruit. As for the name, it came about because there are often up to 18 fruits on a branch. As a botanic species and as a cultural plant, grapefruit became known only about 100 years ago -- relatively recently. The frost resistance of the fruit is low and that is why it must be cultivated in warmer districts than other citruses can grow in. The US is considered to be the world's champion in grapefruit production.


It is no secret that the first thing a woman who wants to lose weight does is to go on a diet. Remember that the best assistant in fighting unnecessary pounds is grapefruit. Naringine is a wonderful substance found in many fruits with yellow or soft pink colors (those so-called sour fruits that make you twist your mouth or pucker your lips), including grapefruits. Naringine is located directly below the skin and in juice pellicles of the fruit. Scientist have found that naringine improves your digestion and activates your liver performance, and that is why regular consumption of grapefruit juice

can help you burn fat and lose weight. Excess pounds disappear with ease if you maintain your grapefruit juice consumption!


According to the research of Professor James Gerd of Florida University, grapefruit pectin acts efficiently to decrease the level of cholesterol in your body. His research shows that simply by adding regular grapefruit consumption to your normal diet, you can see up to an 18 percent decrease in cholesterol. Grapefruit glycosides and vitamins also help with the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis and lower blood pressure.

Yellow and orange fruits also evoke happy thoughts -- they cheer us up and that's a great way to start your day. So have some grapefruit or grapefruit juice for breakfast! Grapefruit oil helps to overcome apathy, enhances memory and attention. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice has a tonic effect on the body. Grapefruit can help your body recover more quickly, and if you are healthy, grapefruit can help you overcome fatigue and give you strength after physical and mental overstrain.

Grapefruit is considered a substance useful for the body, but in certain cases it can be dangerous. Specialists of the sister school of Rochester University Medical Center (Great Britain) have proven that interaction of grapefruit juice and some medicines can lead to dangerous physical processes. Grapefruit juice contains some substances that affect the fermentation of certain proteins that participate in the body's protection from different toxic substances. Their function is also influenced by some medicines, for example antibiotics, hormone-containing contraception and anti-growth pills. Scientists believe that doctors must warn their patients about the potential danger and when prescribing medicine affected by grapefruit juice, doctors must remind them that they have to restrain from grapefruit juice. As with any change in diet, you should always check with your doctor.

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