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Problems Of Well-Endowed Women

For the majority of mankind, a large breasts are not a problem and, what is more, they seem to be a real advantage and a sexual beacon. The number of breast augmentation surgeries exceeds the number of breast reductions by 100 times. But nowadays everybody knows that large breasts can be inconvenience and even painful, causing backaches and pains in the feet and legs.

And why are large breasts an aesthetic problem, too?


  1. They can appear to be much too large.
  2. Large breasts make the waist look ill defined, especially if the woman is smaller than average.
  3. Large breasts are psychologically associated with sexuality, good nature and softness, all things that can be undesirable for women for whom the impressions of authority, strictness and competence are very important. So how can you avoid these negatives and make your large breasts the absolute and indisputable best part of your figure?


Let me start with the intimate moment: choosing a bra. I suppose you know that poorly chosen underwear can ruin the whole look of clothes and of the figure. First: you must choose the correct size, second: the style, third: the length of the straps. At the same time, the bra must be comfortable and work in your favor; the first mustn’t conflict with the second.


What must we take into consideration when choosing the size and the style?


  • The brassiere mustn’t be uncomfortable, painful or make folds under the arms or across the breasts.
  • Have you noticed that cups of the same size on different styles vary? For example, a 38-C can be narrower or thicker than a 40-C. That’s why, when trying the bra on, try not only the size that you consider to be “just your size,” but also bras that are close to “your” bra. For example, if you are a 38-C, try a 36-D and a 40-C and D. Don’t think that you are wasting time. Different bra styles suit different women; you need to find “yours,” and for that you should try on as many bras as you can.


Choose the models with wide shoulder straps. The model with shoulder straps that easily attache to the part that goes under the breast is right for you. When choosing the length of the straps, don’t let your breast hang lower than necessary, but also don’t make the straps too tight; you must feel comfortable.


According to the classic canons that use a lot of artists painting the body of a human being, the space between the chin and the line of breast is equal to the height of the head. But it goes without saying that it depends on your build, the height of your shoulders, the length of your neck, etc.; but this criterion will be the reference point for you: where, approximately, your nipples must be. If you let your breasts hang down, your waist will disappear.


Beautiful décolleté is your great advantage. How deep should your low neckline be? Wear a jacket either unbuttoned or fastened, but never half-fastened. The upper button of a jacket, coat or cardigan must also be higher than the line of your breast; the zipper shouldn’t be fastened very low, either. What happens, for example, if you put on a jacket with only one button on the waist? Flaps are dispersing, outlining its forms; the line of the cut breaks, underscoring and exaggerating the projection of the bosom; and it seems that the bosom is falling out of the cut, and it visually makes it bigger.

The same negative effect happens with vertical lines, if they are printed on close-fitting clothes and especially if they are knitted: fitting tightly, they curve, accentuating the bosom and making it more massive. Probably, the only safe vertical detail is the clasp, if it is placed in the center; this vertical line must be used to pull your figure out visually and make you taller: because any size is appreciated in comparison with another: if you look taller, your sizes look smaller.


What colors are becoming to women with large breasts? Everybody knows that most horizontal lines widen a silhouette and are not flattering. But it’s not always like this. Single, bright horizontal lines visually widen the place where we see the stripes; and that’s why a single bright stripe across your breast will make you wider. But many thin, contrasting lines have just the opposite effect: an eye, running top-down and bottom-up, as in climbing a ladder, gets tired, and the looked-through distance seems longer. Therefore, frequent stripes pull you out. You can easily wear T-shirts with thin contrasting horizontal stripes – you will look taller. Besides, a contrasting pattern visually breaks up a large image

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