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The Healthy Side To Divorce

My husband and I got divorced almost a year ago. Is it good or bad? At first, good. (I didn’t want to think about it too much). Than – bad. Very, very bad. And then I decided not to waste time on brooding over it. Now I can’t say if it was good or bad, but it was definitely very useful. I’ve learned a lot of things during this year; here are the most important of them.


  1. I’ve learned to look for a job.
    I’ve become a real expert in this field. I know how to write a good resume, I don’t get embarrassed in interviews, and I know how to sell myself! After having explained to my employers what a great and talented professional I am, I believe it too.
  2. Now I know how to look for a worthy, well-paid job.
    And nothing less! That’s why I skip ads that say “no education or experience needed, salary starts at $1000 a week.”
  3. I’ve learned to buy clothes.
    Previously, I used to wear clothes to satisfy my husband’s taste: high heels, short skirts, tops… well, that accentuated my bust. When I was going to my first job interview, I realized that I had nothing to wear. Can you imagine my surprise in the mall when I chose a strict beige suit, not something flirty and see-through.
  4. I ask for help.
    I understand that I can’t solve all my problems myself. And that this is natural. Now I don’t feel shy or embarrassed to call up my old friend and ask him to come over and help me with a bookshelf. He, at least, knows exactly how many holes he should make in the wall.
  5. I smile.
    All throughout the 5 years I was married, I lived with the confidence that if something happened, my husband would come and make the situation better. Today, I have to deal with all the problems myself. I understand, however, that my smile is the only 100% working weapon in the world of men. Plus, smiling is a good chance to burn a couple of calories (according to women’s magazines). Now I don’t have to wait forever to cross the street – I simply smile and 5 seconds later I’m on the other side.
  6. I leave the past as it is.
    After we got divorced, I sat at the table, took a blank sheet of paper, and wrote down 10 things about being married that I hated. Then, 10 things I loved. I didn’t simply get divorced - I made some important conclusions. Good for me.
  7. I accept a man as he is.
    Today, I know how silly it is to hope to change him with time – I won’t! I do not get my hopes up, and that makes me happy.
  8. I feel my body.
    Previously, it was the task of my husband. Now I can draw a map of my body with the note, “this is a pleasure zone,” on some definite areas.
  9. I avoid random affairs.
    I felt HORRIBLE without sex, really horrible. And I wanted to be with a man. I thought that anybody could satisfy me. I was wrong. And I’m happy about that.
  10. I’ve learned to wait.
    Now I have a wonderful son, a great salary, and promising career opportunities. I’m sure that some day I will meet a man who’ll be the as interested in me as I’m in him. Because I know I deserve it!

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