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Changing Your Career

You are facing the problem of changing your career. This decision did not come to you at the spur of the moment. You didn’t just wake up in the morning thinking that your boss is the embodiment of fire and confrontation and that your colleagues strive to put spokes in the wheels of the fragile carriage you call your career. I know you’re not of this kind! For a long time you scrupulously thought over the reasons of your discontent with work, tried to follow various psychological techniques (described in glossy magazines), consulted respected people and nevertheless decided that your boss and colleagues aren’t the point. The point is that some other job, other office, and other activity constantly occupy your mind. You begin to find any opportunity to read about this new theme, to discuss it with your friends and husband. But you calm down, thinking about the way to get there - to this unrealizable dream…


What is it in practice?


I have confronted such a problem. And I must say it was very difficult to solve it. But now I know my mistakes and I know how to act in such a situation. Therefore I’m going to share my own bitter experience with you so that you can escape my mistakes.


For many years you work, say, as an accountant. You receive the salary; pass annual extension courses and at dinner dream about the creative and interesting work of the women in the marketing department. Naturally, you do not reflect on marketing as a potential sphere of action, in fact you are an accountant with the capital letter; you just cannot allow yourself to drop everything! But think only for a second that, probably, that’s the very reason for all your working disappointments. Maybe it’s the way to reach something in your life; to become less ordinary and to raise yourself in your own eyes. Eventually it’s your chance to make your dream come true.


Plan of actions


So, how to begin? I would advise you to begin with some basic things. If there is a specific character, there should be specialists. Any opportunity to communicate with experts is worth more than a year of studies at a specialized university. Find the distant relative or the friend of your classmate who works in the sphere that interests you. Thrust yourself into a meeting on various pretexts. Study your interest thoroughly through the conversation. It is absolutely unessential to buy expensive literature. You can look for the information on the Internet; think over your questions and questions that answer questions. After this meeting, in your head you will have the information most necessary at the beginning. Everything said by the informed person will help you to draw a plan of your future actions. Write it down in your notebook. Participate in forums, chats and simply visit sites on the Internet, concerning the activity that interests you. As a rule, at such forums people discuss professional problems. Reading them will allow you to learn more about the job. Suggest your own subjects. Don’t be afraid of showing your ignorance of the specific topic – in fact you are ignorant of it. Participate in different specialized forums. In this way you will slowly become treated as one of them, and your name will flash in the heads of professionals.


For the following step, it is necessary to find an employment agency. I do not recommend you to do it at work; let it be your secret at the beginning. You shouldn’t discuss your plans with your colleagues even if you’re on friendly terms: they will either put spokes at your wheel, or will cram you with horrible stories about the severe reality. Always keep in mind that the reality is what we make of it. So, concerning the employment agency. Choose the agency: a reliable one, but not large. This service for competitors is always free-of-charge.


Talk to a recruiter. Explain the situation to him and agree about a meeting. At this meeting discuss how to draw up the résumé, taking into account the search for job vacancy that differs from your experience. Tell what you already know about this specific type of work and show your extreme interest in being engaged in it. Show your determination, emphasize that a self-educated person is also an expert and has the right to prove it to the employer.
It is necessary to note, that whatever the activity is that you’ve chosen, you are to become as proficient in it as possible before your meeting with the recruiter. Don’t think about some special training courses – they won’t help you to find a new job. But when you find it, the education will help you to advance in your profession. If you really wish to change the sort of activity you do, then do your best to find the alternative sources of information. The best assistants here are your friends, the Internet, specialized magazines and thematic

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