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Speaking to be Heard

There have been so many times that my eyes filled with tears when I felt that men didn’t hear me. They were listening, but they didn’t hear or perceive what I was saying. I was offended by it, became silent, and stopped trying to be heard. I felt that they became confused; they tried to correct their behavior and tried to improve the situation in order avoid quarrelling with me. After awhile I begin to behave toward their attitude with a sense of humor, having decided that laughter is better than tears.


But my bewilderment at this type of behavior hasn’t vanished.

It turns out that this feeling wasn’t just a product of my imagination, there actually is truth to the statement that a man is not always able to hear what a woman is saying. A group of scientists from Sheffield University ascertained that men’s brains enable more complicated structures for recognition than women’s voices do for men’s.


A woman’s voice is heard in the same part of the ear that is responsible for hearing music. It is connected with the anatomic and physical specifics of a woman’s voice formation. Women have a different larynx texture and vocal cord length than men, and as a whole, women’s voices contain a considerable quantity of natural melodies. As a result, it is proven to be much more difficult for a man’s cerebrum to interpret. So you as a woman should remember that a man’s brain always uses the simplest interpretation of a message.


But there is still a trick that can be used, and I want to share it with you. One outstanding woman, who worked as a TV and radio announcer, told me that if you want your voice to register in a man’s brain you should speak a little bit lower than usual. You should also speak slower and use pauses between words. However, your voice must not be monotonous but should sound even and calm. Speak meaningfully and control yourself, especially in moments that you are overwhelmed with feelings. It works! Try it! Go ahead and turn your voice into a powerful weapon of sexual seductiveness.


A sexual voice is not less important than an attractive appearance. The stereotype of a sexual voice changes from time to time. In the beginning of the last century, for example, a very sonorous and high voice was considered to be very sexy. Today’s men, however, want to be seduced by a woman with a low, slightly hoarse voice. Any woman can learn to do it. Here are some special exercises:


  1. You need special training to be able to switch your sexy voice on. Record your speech using a recorder. Take any book, open it at random, and read 1 or 2 paragraphs aloud. After listening to what you have read, read it again, but with a smile. The specialists say that a voice running through a smile automatically becomes more magnetic. If you want your voice to sound erotic, imagine that it comes from your stomach. The voice becomes lower and sounds more mellow when using this method.
  2. You need a mirror for this exercise. Remember the guy from the TV commercial that was trying to guess girls name in different manners? Try to do the same. Play with the intonation of your voice and pronounce each phrase with a different frequency and intensity. Always stress a particular word and you will see how the same harmless phrase acquires sexual ambiguity. Do not forget about breathing. The more faltering it is, the more convincing it will be.


The main thing to remember is to feel what you are trying to say. Your feelings will be reflected in your voice and will be transmitted to your listener. Your voice should be full of emotions; it should reflect your mood and your wishes. In order to turn him on, you should really project your desire. Simply imagine a detailed sexual thought, lower your tone, and you will have a lustful catch in your voice.

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