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Optic Makeup

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you should

know that makeup, fastening and fixing of your hair-do and even the use

of perfume require special rules that ophthalmologists and cosmetologists

advise you to follow.

Begin with the traditional: you wear glasses.



are used not only to correct your eyesight, but can also be a beautiful

accessory. That’s why you should choose a form and

design of the frames and think about your makeup in the right way.



Glasses for a far-sighted person enlarge the eyes and the area round

them. Using such magnifiers, you should color your eyes smartly and marginally

to the limit – as even the smallest defects will seem exaggerated.

A large amount of bright make-up can have a negative effect!



The eyes of a near-sighted person through the lenses of glasses appear

to be smaller. That’s why it makes sense to underline

the eyes with the help of makeup and to add

lighter tones that visually enlarge the eyes.



When choosing lengthening mascara, try not to get carried

away! Pay attention to how near the lenses are to your eyes.

It happens that lengthened eyelashes near lenses can touch the lenses

and then peel off, irritating your eyes and accumulating on the lenses.




Take off your glasses when using hairspray or other aerosols.


Small drops of liquid can settle on the lenses, spoiling their clarity.



You wear contact lenses.



the rule: first apply makeup and then put

your lenses in. Use only water-based cosmetics. If possible, look

for makeup that has “V.A.” on the label. This will mean that

it’s been approved by ophthalmologists or is safe for those who

wear contact lenses.

When choosing makeup, pay attention to some other important

details. For example, the ingredients in the dyes used (in

loose powder, rouge, eye shadow) must be finely dispersed to prevent irritations

and eye shadows and mascara should be solid to the maximum – this

way, they won’t peel off too fast and would miss your eyes.



If you want to lengthen your eyelashes, pay

attention to the mascara with the hairs added. The popular and widely

used mink-hair can cause a lot of trouble. It not only comes off the mascara

too soon and can get into your eyes, but also can get stuck between the

eyes and lenses. That’s why you should spend some time and search

for lengthening mascara with synthetic fibers.



If you have sensitive eyes, choose eyeliner

that doesn’t spill and liquid eye shadows shouldn’t be applied

too near to lashes.



Be careful while fastening and fixing your hairdo.

It’s better to use hairspray and then put in your lenses. Or try

to close your eyes while using the spray. Try not to be near those who

use aerosols. Try to step aside and not just turn away, as these small

sticky particles will stay in the air for a long time. Try not to let

aerosol drops and splashes of other liquids settle on your lenses. It’s

the same with perfume, deodorants, toilet water – besides getting

on the lenses and causing irritations, allergies can also be aggravated

by strong scents.



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