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Natural Beauty Solutions

Natural fruit, berry, and vegetable masks


August is the last summer month. It is the time of vegetables, fruit, and berries. Besides, it is the time of a big economy on cosmetics. Replacing store-bought cosmetics by hand-made cosmetics saves a good sum of money. Furthermore, such creams and masks do not contain unhealthy preservatives or emulsifiers.

Tomato pilling for dry and spongy skin.
In cosmetology tomato is used as a good fruity pilling. Tomato juice contains many organic acids which destroy the upper keratinous skin layer and let new skin breathe and grow.


Tomato mask:
Place tomato pieces or juice on your face for 25-30 minutes. Rinse off with warm, then cool water. It is recommended for oily, large–pored, and sallow skin.


Nutrient tomato cream:
dissolve one dessert-spoon of lanolin and add one dessert-spoon of oatmeal or oat flakes that have been ground to powder. Mix everything thoroughly and add one tablespoon of tomato juice. Blend the cream until smooth and keep in a cold place.


Fresh cucumber juice is a splendid treatment for soft skin purification due to dust and pollution. It moves away excess of oil, refreshes the face, and at the same time contracts pores.


Cucumber mask:
Take thinly cut slices of cucumber and put on the face and on décolletage area for 20 minutes. Cover with a napkin in order not to let cucumbers dry ahead of time.


One more effective recipe from cucumber for oily skin is powder. It not only hides oil luster, but also has a curative effect.


Cucumber - rice powder takes up an excess of skin oil and clean pores by contracting them. It therefore lowers the number of “blackheads” and different skin inflammations.


Cucumber powder:
Pound dried cucumber seeds and mix with rice flour. This mask can be kept for a long time.


Grape juice stimulates metabolism in the skin and contributes to its hydration. An everyday wipe of the face, neck, and hands by grape juice gives a good effect. Rinse off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.


Raspberry juice purifies, moistens, refreshes, and nourishes tired skin.


Raspberry masks:
For dry skin, mix raspberry juice with yolk, cream, or sour cream. For oily, large-pored skin, mix raspberry with egg-white or rice flour. For a nutrient mask pound raspberries with honey. You can put a hot compress on the mask. For dry, large-pored skin, pat raspberry leave over the face for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. For acne treatment, put on a mixture of fresh raspberry leaf juice and egg-white in the ratio 1:2. After 20 minutes rinse off with warm water.


Pear masks: pear juice suits all skin types. Pear masks and lotions make the skin smooth, elastic, and it contracts pores. Keep pear pulp gruel on the face for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm, then cool, water.




Carrot masks: a nutrient mask of carrot juice mixed with wheat flour suits all skin types. Pat the mixture evenly all over the purified face for 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Oily skin that is inclined to acne is saved from an excess of skin oil. Dry skin becomes saturated with vitamins and minerals. Carrot masks are recommended for use only in the evening because skin can be dyed -- the pigment is not steady but very bright.


Sliced apples can be used for facial massage.


Apple massage:
Wipe your face, neck, and then the whole body with apple halves. This massage is very useful for those who are older than 30. After 30, our natural skin structure begins to weaken.

To support it we need vitamin C. Only lemons, oranges, and mandarins contain more ascorbic acid than apples. Besides, apple pectin clears skin from toxic substances.


Apple mask:
boil an apple with a little milk or bake it. Pat this warm gruel over the face for 30 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. A fresh complexion and slight lifting are guaranteed.




Currant masks:
For oily skin, use fresh currant juice. For fading oily skin, currant gruel and fresh juice are used as masks which are put on the face for 20 minutes. Before putting a mask on dry or normal skin, it is necessary to put on nutrient cream. Such masks nourish the skin and contract pores.

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