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Cosmetics based on natural products

Passing by stalls of cosmetics you start thinking

that they remind you of a department of useful products in a supermarket.

There is a wide choice of cosmetics made of fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables.

Creams for skin care with bases of avocado, rosemary, and grapefruit have

already gotten your approval. Your own daily scent- and color-free night

cream may also contain apple, tomato, or carrot extracts. We’ve studied

this question and found out what we get from the department “Fruit

and Vegetables” on the cosmetics table and why.



Its main advantage is a high content of beta-carotene. This powerful anti-oxidant helps skin damaged by ultraviolet light to rehabilitate. Besides, carrot contains vitamins E, K, C, PP, amino acids, pantheon and folia acids, essential and fatty oil, calcium salts, phosphor, iodine, and iron. Carrot is a good antiseptic and is used to cure wounds and cuts. Grated raw carrot is applied on the broken surface for that. Its oil is a wonderful moisturizing component. CONCENTRATERD HYDRATANT CREAM from HAVIVA RIVKIN rejuvenating cream with a base of carrot oil prevents wrinkles, makes them disappear, contributes to better skin regeneration and better skin color, nourishes and moisturizes. Cream for the neck and chest from GREEN MAMA was created specially for mature skin to keep it toned and to help it be resilient.


It used to be the simplest way to get rid of swelling around the eyes among pretty women. Cold thin slices of this vegetable were applied on the swollen eyelids. Research done by modern dermatologists proves that cucumber contains useful refreshing and astringent components. Anti-inflammatory properties make it especially useful for sensitive skin that is inclined to allergies. You can find cucumber in the DAILY EYE BENEFITS eye cream from CLINIQUE, moisturizing gel from ARRAN AROMATICS, face scrub with cucumber and avocado from ALDO VANDINI.




You think it is vegetable? Not at all! This edible red thing with seeds inside is considered to be a fruit. Tomatoes have made a furor in the cosmetic world. They contain powerful anti-oxidants, including likopen, which fights against wrinkles caused by free radicals and environmental factors like bad ecology and the sun. Pulp ingredients also prevent your skin from ultraviolet light (SPF 3) but the properties are not that strong. The magic power of tomatoes is used by the whole lifting line for resilient skin by GARNIER and IMEDIN from FERROSAN.


This fruit is quickly conquering the cosmetic world. The alfa-type acid contained in it has a good scrub effect. It helps get rid of dead cells and makes your skin smooth and luminous.




The green part of different plants was used to cure inflammatory and sensitive skin for many centuries in Europe. No wonder that a modern cosmetic industry continues this tradition and uses lettuce, basil and parsley. Lettuce is popular because for its “gentle character”. It cleans the skin delicately and tones it up.


Basil is respected for its ability to calm the skin and make it smooth. Its extract is rich in vitamins of the group B and amino-acids (glutamine, asparagines, analin, lizin). It has a positive influence on the protein metabolism in the skin and helps to keep it moisturized.


Parsley is famous for its effective anti-inflammatory properties. It also has deodorant properties, cures acne, and moisturizes dry hair. Curley parsley is considered to be especially valuable. Apidol and miristizin are the main active ingredients of the essential oil of this herb. Its brew is used in folk medicine to get rid of freckles and to cure mosquitoes and bees’ bites. It is an essential ingredient of creams for eye care and creams for normal, dry and fading skin.

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