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How to choose your aroma

Tips To Choosing The Perfume That’s Right For You


Nobody can give you an exact recipe on how to choose the perfume that you would call your own. To make a choice among a great variety of brands that attract you is not an easy matter. How can you choose your perfume?


The method of spraying it on your palm or wrist, or choosing among numerous perfumed napkins is not the best one. It is better to decide before you try something on your skin.


  1. Look through ads in magazines: it explains the peculiarities of perfumes (expressive or light, specific or natural, sexy or cold, sporty or romantic).

    Not without reason, psychologists link the choice of scent not with appearance but with the character of a person. We choose perfumes by intuition, and this choice shows how we see ourselves and how we want to be or to seem to be.
  2. With a help of some simple tests you can define your psychological type and choose your scent according to the following recommendations:

    1) if you are extrovert (optimistic, gay, active), your scents are fresh, citrus, flower;

    2) if you are introvert (you value calmness and harmony, your individuality) oriental scents are closer to you;

    3) if you are emotionally charged (sensitive and inclined to strong emotions, dreamy and romantic) aldehyde-flower scents suit you perfectly.

    But do not forget that as individuals we are too contradictory to adhere to one strict classification, and in our lives we play different roles. Moreover, today we choose our scent not first, last and all the time, but according to mood, season, and part of the day. For different situations we choose special scents. For example, in hot weather, perfumes with natural scents are more appropriate.
  3. Pay attention to the name of the perfume, its bottle and wrapper - all this helps you to identify the character of the scent. Usually, form and contents are in harmony.
  4. Find out the name of the designer or the perfume maker that produced this perfume. If you like other perfumes of this perfume maker, it is possible that their new scent will attract you as well. The same may happen if the style of this designer is attractive to you.
  5. A new perfume that appeals to you very likely has something in common with familiar or favorite ones.
  6. When choosing new perfume, you can either try to meet fashion trends or ignore fashion. The one who chooses is you. Nowadays, scents replace one another every season. A great variety of fragrant novelties constantly appears, making it is easy to become confused. Anyhow, take every opportunity to discover new scents.


Among a great many scents, the so called “eternal names” stand separately. For instance, the perfume Chanel ?5 created in 1925 is still considered to be one of the most popular in the world.


Still, whatever you read, whatever advice you receive, only your own perception and taste can help you to decide on the right perfume. Never use a scent you dislike even a bit. Your intuition can give you a signal that this perfume does not match the chemistry of your skin. One and the same perfume affects different people differently. The use of such scent, even the most fashionable one, spoils pleasant influences and destroys your individuality.

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