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Finding the Perfect Hairstyle to Fit Your Face

Sometimes, we look at the glossy pages of magazines and can’t help admiring all those splendid dresses, ideal make-up and fancy hair-dos. The more we look at them, the greater our awareness that we will never be able to do something like this ourselves. But long and exhausting preparations do not necessarily mean good results. Masters of style themselves have been trying to create a new, simple image for their capricious clients. What is the secret of ideal hair-dos and make-up? We tried to find some answers to this question. Furthermore, Nick Arrojo, a professional hair stylist, will share some secrets of perfect hair.


How to do it:


  1. Use mousse for volume – apply it to all hair starting from the roots. Take a middle-sized round brush and start to carefully style your hair.
  2. Part the hair into strands, wind each of them around the brush and blow-dry them from 5 seconds. Change from hot to cool air.
  3. Arrange your locks close to each other. “You should get beautiful, soft waves,” says Nick.


Tip: You can also use hot curlers, but make sure all hair is cooled down before you take them off. “Otherwise, the locks will soon get loose.” Use some hair spray to fix the result.




How to do it:


  1. You can use mousses and either brushes or your fingers to give your hair some volume when you blow dry it.
  2. Get some styling paste and soften it with a hair drier (you can do it in a bowl or in a piece of foil). Take some liquid paste, rub it together in your hands, and apply to separate strands.
  3. To get a ‘messy look,’ use curling-irons for curling the ends.


Tip: “You can also add some straight strands to make it look original. It always looks great – wavy vs. straight locks,” Arrojo says.






How to do it:


  1. Apply some mousse and use your hands to blow dry the hair. Fix the ends with the ‘crocodiles’ to make locks and dry them with a diffusing hair-drier. Style the fringe with your fingers and dry it.
  2. Take iron-curlers to make the locks more prominent. “Do not curl every strand – it will look too formal.”
  3. Dry the hair carefully and use your hands to help with the locks. Use the curlers mostly with the locks near the face. Make the hair-do look messy with your fingers and fix it with a ‘shining’ spray.


Tip: Raise your hair on the top as if you are making a small crown and fix it with spray – it will make your body look symmetrical and the hair-do will last longer.






How to do it:


  1. For naturally curly hair – use mousse and some cream/paste for small curls. Spread it on your hair.
  2. Part your hair into small sections (about 10 cm each) and curl them with your finger. “You will get amazing locks,” says Nick.
  3. Let your hair dry itself. After that, put your head down and

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