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Tips for Attracting Men

According to the best scenario, the relationship of a man and a woman begins with flirting and finishes with a happy marriage. Every person has a well-developed idea of a perfect partner, so we are attracted to people of the opposite sex with a certain appearance, smell, manners, and many other things. This image, formed in our subconscious, forces us to single out people of a certain type to flirt with. American scientists believe that flirting is a form of negotiation initiated after a man or a woman has been paid attention to. Attention is attracted with intentional and unintentional gestures, movements, and facial expressions -- in a word, body language. If it’s skillfully used, it’s proven to be more efficient than flirting. Let’s talk about methods to attract and get acquainted with a man you like.


First of all, you need to be sure what type of men you are attracted to and focus on them. Find out what exactly attracts you, their appearance or their personal charm. Don’t fixate on looks; you can find a wonderful friend or a lover in a man who doesn’t live up to the widely accepted standards of male beauty. Write down manly qualities, classifying them into three groups: the first group comprises the most essential traits; the second group has desirable qualities, and the third group consists of unacceptable features. Consult your list every time a new man turns up in your life.


Then, program yourself to meeting a new man. If you think that you are too fat or too skinny or too old to be interesting for a man, you are never going to succeed. The same applies to your shame or guilt for the past; forget them and get rid of negative emotions. You should believe that you can meet HIM anytime and anywhere. Successful flirting is possible only if you are in high spirits. Write down all your negative thoughts on a sheet of paper and burn it. This ritual helps to cheer oneself up. You shouldn’t be depressed when you are with a man, so give impression that you are fun and outgoing.


A low self-esteem, together with being timid, results in a fear of being turned down. You shouldn’t be afraid of it. If you can’t establish a contact within 5 minutes with a stranger you like, this doesn’t mean you are an unattractive woman; you are simply not his type. Keep looking for a man. Be sure of yourself and don’t be afraid to take a risk.


Now get out of your place and start going out to places where you can meet men. There are various spots: on the street, public transportation, shops, concerts, or social events such as sports games and matches. Gyms and health centers are great places to meet men because the men that visit them usually lack bad habits. Another option is to sit with a book at a table in a café. Pets also give perfect chances to start communication with their owners. If you have no pet, you can walk your friend or neighbors’ pets. Go out more often, go to parties, and let your friends know that you are free and are looking forward to meeting someone. They may know someone who is the right prospect.


Be noticeable. Always try to be in the center of a room, but if you are in a bar take a seat at the corner of the bar counter because barmen tend to be there. These are also usually the most crowded spots. Don’t spend the whole evening with your friends (especially male friends) because that makes you look less accessible. A man is afraid to be rejected in front of other women, so he won’t come up to you while you are with you girlfriends. You can come with your friends, but as soon as you enter the place you should part.


The golden flirting rule is to look good at all times, even when shopping. It helps to look attractive and to be sure of yourself. Wear high-heeled shoes and clothes that enhance your body in a flattering way. There must be something provocative about your outfit. It can fit tight showing your best parts. Even if you are wearing a loose shirt, put on a belt to emphasize your waist (remember: loose clothes attract attention to what you would like to hide), or unbutton your shirt a bit more than you normally do. But don’t overdo, otherwise you'll look vulgar or too accessible. It’s good to have a bright accessory such as a scarf or an unusual purse. If you have a beautiful bust or neck, you should wear a sparkling brooch or an extraordinary necklace; and if you have beautiful hands, put on a couple of rings. This way a man can easily start a conversation by paying you a compliment.


Always wear makeup; it shouldn’t be too bright because you may look unnatural. A bright lipstick can make you more noticeable. Get your nails manicured because men like a woman with beautiful nails.


You can increase your chances to look attractive by using your body language. Be attentive to, and interested in, the people around you. It’s

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