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Why Some Men Donít Want To Get Married

Many people believe that a stable and long-lasting relationship should lead to a wedding. Nowadays, young people are not in a hurry to settle down, realizing that that’s a serious commitment. That means that for a start, every other aspect of their lives should be in order – graduating from college, getting a good job, pulling in a good-size paycheck to support their families. Men are reluctant about getting serious, so if women don’t bring up their future together, nothing may ever happen, and that’s why women usually initiate the first step.


Women think that serious dating should lead to marriage and the acknowledgement that she deserves to be a wife and mother. When a man refuses to marry a woman, she tends to blame herself. Feeling this way doesn’t let her think as rationally as the man does.


For men, getting married is making a commitment to support families and raise children. Unlike a woman, a man may realize that he isn’t ready to commit to anyone and be a perfect husband. If he gives in and settles down when he isn’t ready for it, the woman is going to remind him soon of his commitment. Marriage inevitably transforms relationships. Both sides get new rights and responsibilities, while when simply living together people have a feeling of freedom, carelessness and no commitment. If a man and a woman are officially married, the purchases made while they are married belong to both spouses, and if they want to get divorced, the divorce process will be long and painful.


For some people, getting married is a serious life milestone and it may take time to get used to each other. For some, before a man and woman head for the nearest church, they need to live together for some time to see how compatible they are. A man first sees a girlfriend in a woman, not a wife. At the initial stage of their relationship, people should find out what their mutual interests and life priorities are.


Do you want to marry him or just test your relationship? People who truly love each other may get married sooner or later for the sake of their children. Be sure that your man loves you the way you are and is ready to take full responsibility, even if you are not officially married.

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