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Men Speak About Internet Dating

How can you find your dream? Is it as easy as in real life? Yes! Men told us what attracts them and what doesn’t attract them to a girl they are communicating with online. Read this, and it may change your life -- besides, you’ll have fun!


Men talk! What should you do when meeting people online?


27 real men tell us their stories of the virtual love affairs they have had.


How about flirting online? It isn’t a secret that men and women perceive the world in different ways: women love through their ears, which means that words matter more for them, while men love through their eyes, which means that the picture is more important for them. The same happens when people meet on the internet.


A picture tells a story!


“The picture matters most in a girl’s questionnaire. But the picture should be real and natural. If she’s posing, I can see that it’s done on purpose for the picture, and I lose interest in this girl,” says Alex (28, banker).


“The picture is the first thing I look at. If I don’t like it, I don’t care about what the girl is writing about herself,” says Shaun (29, programmer).


“The picture should not be tiny because you can’t see anything in it. If the girl in the picture is wearing a bikini or a short skirt, she seems to think only about her body or isn’t ready for a serious relationship,” Shaun (29, programmer) says.


“If there’s no picture at all, you should make it clear that you don’t want your image to drift around the internet, but you are sure to email it,” advises Jaime (30, sales manager).


Choosing the right nickname


“I like when the nickname reveals the person’s character, but it shouldn’t be abstruse or dull. The easier it is, the better it is. I’m more likely to click on suzy123, than on PhD123Maryseeme”. – Anthony (43, advertising manager).


“Nicknames like ‘looking for my one and only’ means that the girl is desperate and hopeless. I like when girls write just their names and some incomprehensible combination of letters and figures. I don’t think it’s right to be too complicated choosing a nickname. That’s not the most important thing.” Rass (29, technical adviser).


”I hate nicknames that are too mysterious! I like witty nicks, but only to a certain extent. I’m trying to find a girl, but not to pass an exam.” Alex (28, banker).


“I don’t think I’m ever going to click on something like ‘Juliet is looking for her Romeo’ or ‘I’m looking for a Prince of my dream.’ This means that they have their own mission, and I’m not interested in such girls.” Jaime (30, sales manager).


“I helped several girls to do their questionnaires. One of them had gotten almost no replies till I got involved. I made up a new nickname for her, ‘BetterThanYourEx’, meaning ‘better than your ex.’ Guys thought it was original and funny. Besides, while reading the questionnaire, men think, ‘Well, at least she looks better than my ex.” Brain (36, financial manager).


Writing a cool story about yourself


“No matter what questionnaire I read, I always pay attention to its individuality. I often received questionnaires in my hands that said, ‘Are you tired of games and pretence?’ We are all tired of it, otherwise we wouldn’t be looking for people on the internet.” Jaime (30, sales manager).


“A sense of humor matters a lot for me. A great number of girls say that they have a great sense of humor, which is not obvious from their questionnaires. They should be funny and witty because you are not seeking a job.” Shaun (29, programmer).


“An easy, humorous story about yourself always arouses curiosity. After reading it, you want something more. If a girl is uptight and too formal to describe herself, you expect her to be the same when you meet in real life.” Alex (28, banker).


“Meeting people on the internet gives freedom of action. People can be frank when talking about themselves and the people they are looking for, but they should be very choosy. I don’t think it’s right to set low requirements to get more replies. For example, if you are Christian, you shouldn’t be vague about it or ignore it altogether in your questionnaire. It’s going to be revealed in future, so be frank from the very beginning.” Rass (29, technical adviser).


“Originality matters most of all. Nine questionnaires out of ten are alike. We all like going out and staying in. We all have families and friends. Write something original!” Shaun (29, programmer).


“I’ve found out that a story about yourself can make it clear what you are like in real life. If a person writes too much about herself/himself, this person likes to talk even if it’s not interesting for others. It’s easy to understand people with clear-cut stories about themselves. If a girl puts down too many demands, she wants her

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