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Modern Contemporary Art

If you are looking for modern contemporary art with lots of pop,

flavor, and color, check out Victoriya Blackhall's paintings at

www.colormeetscanvas.com.  Victoriya Blackhall has been

painting "since birth," in her own words, but has been selling her art

for only a few years. 

Nonetheless, she already has a giant customer

base that keeps on growing daily.  Based in New York city,

with a residence in New Jersey, she keeps the prices down to reach a

wider cross-country and international audience.  The paintings

are surprisingly affordable, at about $400-$650 for large pieces and

even less for smaller ones.  She is not overly well-known yet,

but the word is spreading quickly and it's only a matter of time until

her art becomes unaffordable to the average folk who craves some "umph"

in his/her ambiance.  The art is unusual in that Victoriya

takes Andy Warhol to the next level, adding tasteful sex appeal and

unexpected color contrasts to most pieces, while still giving homage to

the original art master in most works. 

There are lots of near-hypnotic black and white, brown and ivory

choices, but mostly the art is all about bright, yet tasteful, color

combinations that will leave you wanting to see more.  She

also does portraits that appear to draw you in, and commissioned pieces

of couples, kids, animals, flowers, etc., that make you want to own

one.  She sells abstracts and even nursery art, all of which

are equally fantastic.  Victoriya is accommodating, works with

peoples' individual budgets and decor needs, and treats every client

like he is the only one she has. 

She is generally modest about her skill, but the customers are raving

and the word of mouth is keeping her quite busy these days, as it

appears that her general motto is "under promise and over deliver."


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