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Central Asian Sheep Dog

This dog has an astounding serious character and a logical way of thinking...


When you get to know this beautiful, strong, muscular, and tough animal, you will never think of it as an average dog again. Some dog-fanciers even say that it possesses an almost human way of thinking and, when necessary, can make decisions for itself. Most of these decisions are quite adequate. It’s reaction is instant, but when you command it to do something, the dog will make it’s own judgment first. Only when it agrees that the command is rational does it act.


Strength as a result of natural selection


This Central Asian giant is one of the ancient breeds left on the Earth that appeared naturally. Some facts prove that this dog possesses some of the same qualities that were formed in it thousands of years ago. It was specially bred by shepherds to guard the herds from predators and humans. The dogs used to live in packs alongside herds and humans, and all of them, even small puppies, had to obey the pack leader. For many years, shepherds observed and rejected the cowardly, lazy, or disobedient dogs. But it wasn’t only through selection that the dog came to possess all it’s qualities; the dry hot climate, lack of water, and hard work played a great role as well. The puppies must have grown-up naturally strong and healthy due to much physical activity and lack of food.


Earnest guard and great help


Today the Central Asian dog is the same clever, tough, and strong animal as it used to be hundreds of years ago. However, to remain in good shape, it needs a lot of exercise and fresh air. In Central Asia it is often called “the right hand” of the master. It is true – a man can easily leave for some time, and the dog will take the duty to guard the house. The dog always takes the duty in earnest: it watches strangers carefully. Besides, it takes seriously not only it’s human family, but also the cattle as well. In other words, it takes care of the whole house. Despite their big size, the dog is very orderly. According to some owners, these dogs will never run on lawns or flower beds -- they prefer the paths. Similar to many guarding breeds, they also sleep lightly and have instant reactions. It is enduring and undemanding.

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