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Eliminating Backaches

Since man has risen on his feet and become “orthograde”, millions of years passed. But the process of straightening hasn’t passed without leaving a trace. In spite of the whole locomotor apparatus being transformed due to the increase of vertical load, a spinal column still remains the most “painful” part of a skeleton.


Women have such aches more often, and the reason for this “present” is hidden in the anatomic features of the spinal column structure. Women have a greater level of caving in the waist that, together with an insufficiently developed muscular corset, becomes the main prerequisite for painful feelings.


The probability of discomfort to appear in the back increases if:


  • you have a sedentary job;
  • you often go shopping and then carry heavy bags, the result of which later is an acute pain or ache in the back.


What could be advised here? It’s a pity that not all women can avoid grocery burdening: you can’t go without food. But just try some of the following suggestions:


  • first, go shopping accompanied by someone (better if by a man, he is surely stronger);
  • second, to arrange a load among hands evenly;
  • third, to keep an eye on your waist. To be exact: pull in and strain your belly muscles – it would lead to decreasing of a carving and stabilize a spinal column;
  • forth, to give your back some rest when at work, stroll, stretch yourself, or do some simple exercises.


As an example we suggest the following. Start from a standing position. Your legs should be in-line so that the heel and toe of the two legs join. Your arms should be crossed at your chest and your back should be straight (try to put your shoulder-blades together). Your belly should be strained and you should be looking forward (photo 1). The mechanics of the exercise are to turn your body to the side of your leg (if the left leg is forward, you turn to the left). Turns should be done one by one: to the left and to the right with the corresponding change of legs; you move forward along a straight line (photo 2). While doing the exercise, avoid the following mistakes:


  • excessive caving-in at the waist;
  • weakening belly muscles;
  • letting the shoulders fall forward(photo 3);
  • remember: a head, a neck, and a body is a single unit (our torso) and that’s why you shouldn’t do the turns with only one part of your body.


You could make the exercise harder by stretching your arms forward to the level of shoulders. Keep an eye on yourself so that they don’t pull down during the exercise. Good luck!



Photo 1







Photo 2







Photo 3




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