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Exercise for the Legs

Hips can be either the best advantage of a woman or her greatest disadvantage, because sexy hips attract men’s looks and make them say compliments.


Beautiful legs allow us to wear any kind of clothes - from mini skirts to lean jeans - and we still feel comfortable and proud of our sharp legs. But what can we do if our hips don’t satisfy us for some reasons? Of course you can wear long skirts and free jeans, but this is not the way out. What about swimsuits or underwear?


Most women have weak muscles in the back side of their hips. It is said that beautiful legs should have four gaps between linked legs: between the ankles and calf, between the calf and knees, between the knees and hips, and between the hips and groin area. Stand in front of a mirror and check your hips. If your back hip muscles are weak, you will see one big gap between the knees and the upper part of the hips.


In this case, we should add one more exercise to our daily routine. This exercise will develop the hip muscles. It is important to note that this exercise will also be suitable for those women who have fat hips -- they just have to increase the number of repeats.


Today we suggest an exercise called sit-ups. Developed hip muscles are necessary not only from an esthetical point of view; they help to maintain the stability of body and provide straight posture.


Assume the initial position: legs shoulder-width apart, foot tips at a 45-degree angle, and hands on the waist (Photo 1). While exhaling, crouch down and keep your knees in one line with your feet. Crouch down until your hips get parallel with the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle (Photo 2). Keep the back straight and lean forward. Stand up while inhaling (but don’t stand up completely) and leave your knees a little bit bent.


Try to avoid the following mistakes: feet not placed widely enough, knees directed forward instead of to the side, and an excess leaning of the body forward (Photo 3).


Do several sets of 10-15 repetitions (for those who want to loose weight not less than 15 repetitions) and then after a small rest do another two or three sets. If you don’t feel tired after 15 repetitions, try to add some extra weight on your back or shoulders.


We hope that this exercise will develop your hips, and that you will not feel shy of your hips during the next beach season.



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Photo 2







Photo 3




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