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Tightening Your Stomach Muscles

From the point of view of every admirer of beauty, abdominal regions are a zone of a special attention. That’s why, for anyone who wants to have a slender and neat figure, to tighten the abdominals is a sacred business.


But what can you do if your operating schedule (early risings, late returns) doesn’t allow any time for physical exercise? Remember that you have a chance to use your time at work (i.e. the breaks which are traditionally taken for smoking, snacking, or other small businesses). Of course you probably wouldn’t want to stretch yourself out on the floor and start any classic exercises out of fear of your co-workers seeing you. But you surely could let yourself do some exercises while sitting on a chair. You would feel comfortable and your co-workers would not become irritated with your actions.


The female body has very weak lower abdominal muscles, so the following exercise is planned for the development of this part of your body.


Sit on the edge of a chair, lean on it with straight arms, stretch the legs forward and bend them in the knees. Flex your back and pull-in your stomach (photo 1).


With exhaling, raise one leg and move it towards your stomach (photo 2).


Try to maintain the starting angle of your knee in order to keep the pressure on your hip joint. You could do several approaches – first with one leg, then with the other.


In the last photo, typical mistakes are shown which are commonly made while doing the exercises (photo 3):


  • you raise your leg too high -- that’s why the load comes from your stomach instead of your leg;
  • you raise your shoulders to your ears;
  • you bend your leg at the knee.


If you are bored with the exercise and you want something exotic, place your foot on a medicine ball or – in case of emergency – on a football. The difficulty of the exercise increases several times, but you will achieve both a flat stomach and a healthy spinal column.




Photo 1







Photo 2






Photo 3





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