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Pilates Exercises for the Back

Back problems are, alas, very widespread. They are especially found in people whose profession is concerned with a lot of sedentary activity. Today we want to suggest to you an exercise system called “Pilates”. Every movement in the system is done at a slow pace in order to allow you to feel the working muscles. While fulfilling it, you should feel the muscles between the shoulder blades and the muscles in the lower back.


Start by finding a comfortable starting position: while standing with your arms at your sides, flex your back with your shoulder blades touching and your eyes facing forward (photo 1).


A complete exercise consists of making a slow forward inclination without

rounding the back; your legs can be slightly bent if you have painful feelings in the rear of your legs (photo 2).


Then, as slow as in the previous case, you should replace your straight and strained arms to a head across the sides. In the final position they should be at ear-level, not higher or lower (photo 3).


Having stayed one or two seconds in the final position, return to the starting position using the same method -- that is, replace your straight arms to a body across the sides, and then rise slowly.


Attention! During the exercise, your back should always be straight and your shoulder blades should be touching.


Possible mistakes (photo 4):


  • rounded back;
  • arms down or, on the contrary, up to the ears;
  • straight legs, though it could hardly become a mistake if you have good flexibility and maintain focus on your back;
  • lowering your head.

    Photo 1









Photo 3





Photo 4



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