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Staying On The Ball

If you have a big ball at home you can use it for different exercises instead of just using it as a toy or another sitting place.


This ball will bring some innovation in your fitness workouts and will help to strengthen the cords and muscles of your backbone.


While exercising on a ball you not only concentrate on the technique, but you also try to balance in order to stay on it. Stabilizing yourself on a ball can only be done by special deep stabilizing muscles. In everyday life, these muscles help keep us vertical and ready to react appropriately to different situations. They are located deep inside our body and can only be trained with exercising that includes stabilizing tasks that keeps them constantly working and allows for immediate correction of the body position.


Initial position: sitting on the ball, abs and back muscles tight, chin straight, strait arms are spread to the sides. Try to keep the angle of 90 degrees (Photo 1).


Photo 1


Raise one leg a little bit and try to keep the initial position (Photo 2).


Photo 2


You can make the exercise more difficult:


  • by crossing arm on the chest (this will eliminate the ability to balance with your arms)
  • by keeping one leg parallel to the floor (knees together) (Photo 3)
  • by doing these two things simultaneously


Photo 3


Naturally, doing the exercise wrong will make you lose your balance. You should be constantly on the ball and keep from slipping out from under you.


If you feel that you have become a master in this exercise, then in order to make things more interesting you can try to close your eyes. Can you do it?

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