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All You Need is the Right Pair of Shoes

The shoes or boots you wear on rare festive occasions crown the image carefully created by you for a party, date or other special occasion. It is extremely important not to make a mistake when choosing the right pair of shoes! It is also important not to follow fashion trends blindly and let your tiny little shoes squeezing your feet spoil the whole celebration!


It is no secret that festive shoes must satisfy requirements different from those of our every-day shoes. It’s not easy to tell what kind of shoes will underline your personality at an evening party, taking into account the great variety of footwear offered in shoe stores. We hope these bits of advice will help you.


Try to Choose the Right Pair of Shoes


What is often forgotten by every fashionable woman is the comfort of the shoes she wears. Your shoes must be not only fashionable but also comfortable in order to celebrate cheerfully. A well-known, trendy brand, while perhaps all the rage, will not make you happy if the shoes don’t suit you well and you end up spending the entire evening sitting on a sofa, watching the celebration from the sidelines. It doesn’t mean you should put on house slippers (although they may look glamorous in some cases). You should pay attention to the form and fabric of your shoes. It is not wise to rush to buy a pair of glamorous high heels if in your day-to-day life you are accustomed to comfortable, steady footwear. The high heels won’t allow you to feel at ease.

No matter how beautiful they look to you in a store window, you should not buy a pair of shoes if you are not sure they will match your evening dress. Otherwise, your money spent on stunning footwear will only lead to further expenses. If the shoes are not taken into consideration in your household budget, it would be much better to choose footwear that will not conflict with your evening dress, speaking of both style and price.


Before you buy shoes for an evening party, you should confess honestly to yourself for what occasions you are buying them. For official ones only? Or do you hope to be able to wear them at the office or at informal meetings? You should decide well in advance what you really need in order to not feel disappointed or guilty when you never put them on again.


What do people wear nowadays?


Regardless of our advice concerning steady heels, contemporary fashion trends see heels that are taller and taller. The most famous fashion designers put their models at terrific heights: Dsquared, Chanel, Nina Ricci, Stella Mccartney, Chloe and others.


Today’s number-one fashion shoe is a heel so high that it makes people doubt it is designed for walking. The heels of modern shoes are conspicuous and varied in their forms, colors and trimmings. It is strange, but it is in the forms of high heels where there is a wide variety. Some fashion designers use a high but thick and steady heel (Michael Kors, Fendi, Dries Van Noten). With all this going on, even classic pumps look pretty, however, a bit boring.

A sexy, feminine spike heel is quite another matter. It can have an old-fashioned form resembling a wine-glass (which underlines a woman’s shapely legs), the one thickening downward or sloping. This is vogue and appropriate for a celebration—if you can manage to walk at such great heights, of course. Let’s say a few words concerning sandals that were recently quite trendy. Gradually, designers are turning to more classic styles. However, if you are an ardent fan of sandals, we advise you to choose those that are as open as possible, as glamorous and ornate as possible, and of course, richly trimmed. The best sandals are decorated with pieces of gilded leather, small chains, bows and artificial flowers, big artificial stones or even sets of tiny rhinestones. As far as shoes are concerned, all these excessive decorations are not welcome even at the most audacious parties. You should not reject decorations altogether though. It may be an unusual color of leather (colored like the skin of a leopard or zebra or perhaps checkered), bows, buttons or press-buttons, punched leather or a combination of different colors.


There are certain models that are always in fashion. They are shoes made out of soft leather with golden metallic coating or elegant shoes made out of brilliant satin. It is clear that these are models for evening parties and will perfectly match any of your evening dresses.

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