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Why am I Always Cold?

Why am I Always Cold? A man suffers in hot weather while a woman beside him shivers from the cold. At night he throws off the blanket while she curls into a ball and tries to warm her cold feet. Does this sound familiar to you? It seems that the “interior thermostat” is regulated differently in men and women.


Fat acids contained in fish reduce the amount of cholesterol and maintain low levels of it in the blood. Fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants, which prevents vessels from blocking, by destroying a peculiar and very harmful form of oxygen, which acts jointly with cholesterol. It is helpful to reduce the consumption of coffee and black tea and to stop smoking, as caffeine and nicotine narrow the vessels. Alcohol, however, widens them, so a glass of brandy or wine will not do you any harm.


Lastly, inert circulation and high tenacity of blood are usually the consequence of dehydration, when the capillaries get narrow. To prevent this, doctors recommend drinking at least one and half liters a day.


Treatment takes more efforts than preventive measures


The most frequent enemies of women who get cold often, are nervous breakdowns and stress. Consequently, try to wear clothes according to the weather; warm enough but light, as overheating effects thermoregulation of the body. In periods of overworking, drink sedative herbs

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