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Interiors Tell Secrets

It’s well known that the interior of a house can tell a lot about the owner. Specialists advise women: when your date invites you to his house for the first time, look closely. Being attentive can help you to avoid future disappointments. Based on the interior, owners of apartments can be divided into 5 groups.


  1. A rationalist. Everything is polished. He puts things into small lockers, which are
    everywhere in his apartment. His favorite colors are black and grey. Be aware; in relationships he is as cold and sterile as his apartment.
  2. A boaster. He pays a lot of attention to design. His apartment looks like an antique
    shop. Usually he is rich, but you will probably not be happy with him. For him, you are only a new exhibit in his collection.
  3. An absent-minded individualist. As a rule, this is an intellectual. His place serves as a storehouse for books. His working table is piled high with newspapers. In vases there are dried flowers, and in his apartment there is a mess. These men attract women, but they aren’t inclined to answer your call.
  4. A chaotic individualist. His clothes are scattered around the apartment, on chairs and even on the floor. He has a broken sofa instead of a bed. He establishes order only on holidays. This man, strangely enough, is reliable as a friend.
  5. A practical person. His refrigerator is always full of food. There is a lot of soft furniture in the apartment. His most valuable things are comfort and tasty meals. He avoids conflicts. Don’t expect him to have a good career, but as a loving person he is the most preferable type.


And one more observation. Psychologists say you can tell a lot about a man by how he keeps his wardrobe. Look, people who keep order in their wardrobes (i.e. casual and going-out clothes are separated, washed, and ironed) are very rational; they are often good examples, they do not waste time, and they are far-sighted.


People whose wardrobes are full of papers, old letters, school notebooks, and other knick-knacks are reserved; they do not share pleasant memories, are highly sensitive and vulnerable.


If a wardrobe is full of old things, this tells that the owner is an incorrigible dreamer. As they look through old things, they like to make plans, but seldom carry them out.

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