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The Best Time To Get Pregnant

Unfortunately, pregnancy planning is not common yet. But if your family has reached the moment when it can a) afford a pregnancy and b) make pregnancy a priority, then you should know the following: the better the health of the future parents at the moment of conception, the healthier a baby will be.


Therefore before you DO IT make sure you:

  • have your health examined and take medical treatment if necessary;
  • visit a dentist;
  • have a good vacation (optimally – to spend your vacation outdoors and not lying on the sofa);
  • give up bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol, watching too much TV);
  • limit your contacts with household chemical goods and drugs;
  • limit sexual activity a bit.


Many people want to know the best season, month and even the day for conception. I cannot say anything definite about the day, but as for the season, the following should be noted. In autumn (September – October) your health is at it’s best, because you’re getting sufficient amount of fresh fruit and vegetables and you’ve had a summer vacation (the sun, fresh air and water, physical exercises). On the other hand, it’s great if a baby is born in autumn – it’s easier to avoid overheating because the winter is coming. And it’s very good when the first six moths of the baby’s life are in wintertime, because mom’s immunity to viruses is still strong in the child and the probability that he will get sick is less.


So, follow this logic: if there are no problems with the future parents’ health, the conception should be planned in January – February, so that the child is born in autumn. But if there are parental health problems, then it’s better to become pregnant in autumn.


The difficult question is the future mother’s age. Of course, at 18 you are healthier than at 35. But you should have a baby for yourself, not for your grandparents. Therefore it’s better to become a mother at 30 than at 18.


Besides, even when buying a puppy, people have to think of a place for it to sleep, what it will eat and who will walk it. For a baby, it’s your responsibility to provide him with the life that a human being deserves.

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