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How to Get Pregnant Faster

Calm pregnant woman enjoying lying in green grass

Most people out there seek out ways to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. There is an entire range of contraceptives that men and women can use. But trying to conceive a child and meeting failure every time can be much more frustrating than that.

It is a fact that women are fertile only for a limited number of days every month, and there can be several factors that can affect their conception and fertility. Here are a few steps that can help you in getting pregnant faster:


Have sex at the right time

Things to avoid

You should avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs if you are trying to get pregnant. Also limit your caffeine intake, as it may limit the production of hormones required for conception.


Do the right sex position

Some sex positions can be helpful in aiding your getting pregnant quicker. First position is the missionary position, in which the man is on the top. Deepest penetration is possible in this position, allowing the sperm to deposit closest to your cervix. Second one is the doggy style position. In this position,when the man enters you from behind, the sperm gets deposited closest to your cervix, thereby increasing your chances of getting pregnant.


Enjoy sex

Stop thinking that your aim is to get pregnant with sex. Let the sex be spontaneous and natural. Try to have sex in different rooms of the house, in different sex positions. The more you enjoy sex, the increased chances you have in getting pregnant.


In order to increase your chances of getting pregnant, try to raise your hips by placing a pillow beneath. This will expose your cervix to the semen released. Try not to get up immediately after having sex. Try to lie flat on your back in bed for at least 5 minutes after that, allowing the semen to enter your cervix.


Most importantly is to stop thinking about it all the time. Whether we believe it or not, our mind plays a very big role in how our body responds. Stay positive, smile, laugh, enjoy life and your body will respond positively as well.


Marina Kutuzov
by Marina Kutuzov

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