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Choosing the color of your hair

A dazzling blonde, a passionate brown-haired woman or a black-haired femme fatale? How can you choose from all these colors the one that will suit you best? Let’s try.

Will fair hair suit you?

You can make your hair lighter if:

-You were born a blonde. For instance, if you had fair hair in childhood, and then it became darker, or if it was quite dark, but it faded in the sun, then perhaps nature decided that light hair suits you.

- You can afford it. To be a blonde is not cheap. You will have to color your hair and maintain the color. Only an expensive qualitative color, not banal hydrogen peroxide, can give you beautiful tints.

- You are ready for a lot of attention from men. Gentlemen still prefer blondes, and you will still get their attention. Fair hair adds some softness and lightness to the whole image. That’s why you should be ready for men to treat you as a light-headed, weak-willed and disposable woman.

If you want to make your hair lighter at home, it is better to choose a cold or neutral tint.    As a rule, warm tints (often called “honey” or “gold”) made by professionals are too reddish or they don’t reveal themselves at all. In any case, if you want to make your hair two tints lighter than your basic color, then it’s better to do in a salon.

Too light, almost white hair goes well only with healthy, well cared for skin with of an even color or with a good make-up. Otherwise, decolorized hair underlines all your negative traits and makes you older.

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