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Different Interior Styles

Modern interior should change according to its owners: if your mood changes, you change your interior design. But everybody would like to have it without large expenses.


Nature motifs are in fashion today. Tree texture is popular as never before. Everybody can choose something to his taste: stone, natural pebble, green plants, and compositions of fresh cut flowers, herbariums, and seashells. Individual creative work in interiors is quite widespread today. You have a wonderful opportunity to give free reign to your imagination: photo and glass frames made of dried flowers, leaves or cones; seashells on the walls; unusual stones on your table.


It is better to make surfaces one light color. In this case you will have a chance to underline some bright details that you can easily change to create a new home mood: photos or herbariums.


One trend in interior design that is very fashionable today is called print. Relevant items: bright photos from ceiling to floor with nature motifs in exaggerated proportions. Pictures can be made on your demand. The only thing you have to do is to take a photo negative of good quality to the studio where broadside advertisement print is made.


Prints don’t have to be just on the walls. Flower prints coming from the floor to the walls, from the walls to the ceiling are quite captivating. You can accentuate it and use the same pattern in the wallpaper.


Modern technologies let us change the wallpaper several times a day using image projections.


Paintings are again coming into fashion, not only the classics, but also modern painters whose pictures don’t cost very much yet. Do not take gloomy abstract pictures for your home. Choose only bright colors and good moods; clear plots that are pleasant to look at – all that helps to make your life more vivid. If you have a fresh idea, order something exclusively at a painter.


Aluminum pictures for wall and ceiling decoration.


They are made in different colors and styles: imitation fur, leather, stone, cloth; with flower, water, and “heavenly” tones; made a la bronze and copper; aged or just in soft pastel shades. Art offered and in the form of a panel – these are the pictures of impressionists Dali and Clint, Korean medieval miniatures and a separate school, “Eastern Sketchings”.


Flowers in the interior.


Flowers are one of the latest and most powerful tendencies of breathing new life into the home area and of underlying mood and individuality in each room of the house. No matter what the style of interior is, flowers are the best way to add beauty and warmth, to create such a space that will reveal your individuality.


Today, materials aren’t just for one particular area in the house: tile is quite acceptable in the living room; wood – in the bathroom; metal – in the nursery. However, using this trend, try to keep one rule: new materials must harmoniously join present design in color and texture.




Mirrors still bring space and help to broaden even the smallest room. The smaller a room, the bigger a mirror must be: from the floor to the ceiling, from one wall to the other. By breaking up the mirror surface it is better to make vertical joints, that is to place mirrors not flat but upright.




The main rule: functionality, comfort and ease. Anything else is considered to be a bad form. By the way, tables with glass surface and shelves should be removed from the living room to the bathroom. For living quarters, furniture of natural wood is more appropriate.


The house needs a lot of light. What’s more, the light comes not only from the walls and the ceiling, but also from below: it is set into the floor, behind a sofa or a bed, into the podium. An unusually lit room can change beyond recognition in the evening.

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