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Interior Design Secrets

It sounds paradoxical, but even elementary cleaning in a house can be pleasant. When everything is clean and put away, and when everything is swept and washed, then there appears “a housewife’s catharsis” –- the walls of the house give out warmth. Each member of a family in a house where order reigns understands what warmth of home is. I envy those who have made repairs on their houses, those who have just built a house in the countryside, or those who have just purchased a new house.




When actress Selma Hayek bought a villa in California, her friends did not understand her. The villa was of an awful grey color, the walls were chipped, and there was a tiny jungle in the garden –- it was impossible to go through it without an axe. But the actress began changing everything –- obviously she derives pleasure when making her house more comfortable with her own hands.


Selma chose a color palette for designing in her garden. “All colors should be natural,” she thought. Selma also arranged a theme of the sun in her house, which is not surprising considering she grew up in Mexico.


In my opinion, Selma’s example shows that even if you have a big sum of money, you shouldn’t color the walls of your house with an ultra-modern paint of an unknown color. And she’s right: we are highly developed, but we are animals. That’s why we should live in harmony with natural colors. For example, scarlet is not often found in nature: a rosebud or some fruit perhaps, but nothing more. Hence, there shouldn’t be much red in a house otherwise you’ll be constantly excited. It’s known that blue sets people at ease, meaning that it’s ideal for a bedroom. A combination of green is good -- it’s cozy combined with the cold color of the sea.


Lately, the use of wood in interior design has been making a comeback. If there is no opportunity to purchase and use real wood, you can use synthetic wood-like materials. Remember that wallpaper is ideal for a bedroom and a child’s room, but not suitable for other rooms of the house. The main rule of interior decorating, however, is that everything should be in a single color palette.




Furniture must be functional -- better yet, multifunctional. What you don’t use encumbers your house and assists not comfort, but constraint of movements.


Nowadays, it’s easy to find furniture with is both functional and inexpensive.


A couch easily turns into a sofa, a sofa into a settee, and a settee into a table. However, for many people this type of furniture will not be to their liking. This furniture, as a rule, is cheap and doesn’t last very long. On the other hand, you shouldn’t buy furniture designed for a lifetime of use. For example, it’s known that the lifetime of a bed is 10 years. After that you should change it because sleeping on crushed springs is not healthy. If nothing else, you should think about purchasing a new mattress.




Indoor plants not only bring life to the interior of a home, but also provide for a pleasant setting. A knight’s-star, a croton, a chlorophytum, and a hibiscus all provide freshness to a home and help to eliminate feelings of nervousness. The bright buds of a knight’s-star will return a good mood to even a choleric. A balsam, a myrtle, and an anturium add courage and energy to a room.


Find a place within your house for fragrant plants such as gardenia, hyacinth, and jasmine. Many flowers are used as a base for perfumes, that’s why you shouldn’t deny yourself natural and free scents.


Photos and pictures


Avoid banalities. A small black and white photo in a nice leather frame or a picture in a wood frame add fascination to a room.




They can have print pictures or appliqué works, or be monotonous or bright -- the main thing, however, is that they should be soft and pleasant. Small cushions are a symbol of comfort within a house.




The tradition of using stones in design is an idea taken from Chinese gardens of wisdom. With the help of stones, you can design compositions with added details when making bouquets. In both cases, stones will impart dignity and add wisdom. Keep in mind that it’s possible to buy colored stones. They will give off feelings of joy when placed on a china plate under the bright rays of the sun.


It’s better to use small items in pairs. Two identical frames, vases, cushions, or candlesticks will add harmony and serenity.

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