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Losing Weight

It is a fact that when a person eats slowly, it takes a smaller quantity of food to satisfy oneself. Accordingly, more weight will be lost when less food is eaten. Eating less is a successful method to lose weight and keep it off for extended periods of time.



Eating slowly is not an easy habit to acquire. If a person starts monitoring themselves every time they eat too fast, the pleasure of meals will be lost. The challenge of eating slowly is no reason to avoid the weight loss process altogether.


And so the process of transferring to slow eating should be done without torturing oneself. How does a person learn to eat slowly so that it becomes an automatic process?


The simplest way to eat slowly is to eat when you are not very hungry. That is why you should eat more often, using some appetizers of substantial -- but low-calorie -- ingredients 10- 15 minutes before the main meal.


Use multiple foods. A piece of fish, meat, small helpings of various garnishes, or sliced vegetables on one plate are good examples of using multiple foods. By sampling each product, you enjoy new foods and eat slowly in the process.


New rules to be aware of.


If a food can be sliced, it is better to slice it than to eat an entire piece. For example, you can spend much more time eating a cucumber or apple if it is sliced. A dish also looks more appetizing if its ingredients are sliced.


Bread is better when taken from a loaf which rests on a special bread plate than it is from a slice. This idea should be used not only for weight loss, but because it is assumed that this is the correct way to eat bread.


Table manners are designed for losing weight.


Some sample table manners include eating food slowly, using various knives and forks, etc. By eating slowly, a person pays more attention to food intake.


An additional rule – the smaller a spoon and fork is, the longer you eat.


It’s better, for example to eat soup with a desert spoon.


It is a good idea not to read or watch television when eating. Many people quickly loose the pleasure of meals if they watch television during evening meals.


The rate of food intake goes up slightly if you like to drink along with it.


It is hard to maintain your food intake if you drink alcohol with your meals.

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