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A Brief Lecture on How to Loose Weight Successfully

How can you lose weight without ruining your health?


How can you avoid gaining weight after a diet?


Why do widely-advertised weight loss products not help?


What is so harmful about starvation diets?


What do you do if your too plump hips and belly don’t suit you?

A Brief Lecture on How to Loose Weight Successfully


If you want to lose weight, I can help you.


If you want to find an easy way to achieve your aim, I know the way.


All you have to do is to ask the questions to which I will give simple answers.


So what are we waiting for?


Let us begin right away.


Here are some rules which make it much easier to lose weight successfully.


Calm down


It doesn’t matter if you failed every time you tried to slim down. Are you sure you did everything right? All you need now is exact knowledge, an assurance of success and the desire to achieve good results. But first-


Find your mistakes and acknowledge them


Otherwise you will be in the dark making the same mistakes over and over again. Exact knowledge is required here that corresponds to the latest achievements in contemporary science. That is why you should:


Study the matter


The fat you hate so much is nothing more than an overabundance of food. It is supposed to be eaten (and calories burned). It should be mentioned that a body inclined to be overweight doesn’t like to use this supply (burn the fat). It wouldn’t be a problem if it did. Your desire to slim down alone is not enough. It is absolutely necessary, for our plan to be a success, that you should like things leading to a slim body. Hence:


If you want to lose weight, you have to develop a lifestyle that leads to a slim body


Before you do something, ask yourself “Would I do it if I weren’t going to lose weight?” If your answer is “Yes, I would”, you have found what you need! But even in this case:


Don’t try to lose weight all the time


You will not succeed anyway. It is one of the peculiarities of the human body that for some reasons, both objective and subjective, it can’t possibly use the fat all the time, i.e., lose weight. That is why you should use at least two kinds of diets: one of them, the average diet, will make you lose weight while the other, a bland diet, won’t let you lose any weight and, at the same time, it won’t let you gain weight either. You will need this diet to make periods of rest. Something is clearing up as you can see. But:


Be careful not to overdo things


In other words, avoid painful diets and excessive physical strain. Starvation diets, as well as bland diets, are harmful and dangerous for your health. The quality of your life quickly deteriorates. There is a high probability of a breakdown. Are you sure you need this? As far as physical strain is concerned, it’s better to leave it out than have intensive and tiring training. Everything will turn out well if you manage to:


Turn your friends and family into your associates


It is only possible if you show them that from the very first day of your life on your diet, you have already become younger, healthier and better looking. By the way, it’s much better to show off what you already have. Indeed, why not become a preacher of this new knowledge? Other people will come to you to ask for advice.


The next rule reminds us once again that the bitter truth is better than sweet lies.


There is no cure for overweight and good diet pills, in particular

That’s life. All that medicine and diet pills can do is to accelerate the required effect or improve the quality of your lives. Some people sometimes need it too. But if you think you will find some medicine that will make you lose weight without effort, put it out of your head. Such things never happen because growing fat is basically not a disease. No doctor can cure what is not a disease.


By the way, without changing your diet, other medical treatments (massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, etc.) will not have effect.


But there are doctors who are considered experts at metabolic disturbances and methods of treatment. So:


If you don’t know or don’t understand something, don’t be too shy to ask


I advise those who are in a hurry to read the conclusion. It contains a brief summary of all the following text. About three pages. Read them. It might be sufficient for you to grasp the main idea.


It may be the idea that the ability to control your weight, i.e., to lose or to gain weight in accordance with, but not contrary to, your own

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