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Questions and Answers with Psychologist

to improve blood circulation and this means that we have to eat more vegetables

and fruits. Vitamin E is also important. Olive oil and dry fruits are

rich in it.

Set sail! Choose products that will supply you with the energy

needed for all aspects of making love. Proteins are of the utmost importance.

They can be found in eggs, meat, and diary products. Elements contained

in pineapples and seaweed will stimulate libido. Your menu should include

products rich in zinc, potassium and iron.

Hormone regulators. The functions of the hormone system influence

libido as well as passion in relationships. The elements which are used

by our body to produce hormones are fats, like those contained in vegetable

or diary butter. If you want to live full sexual life don’t deny

all fats, but try to concentrate on vegetable oils.

Angry Husband – Beware!

The thought of solving family problems through hitting and physical

aggression has never occurred to most families. But these anomalies are

common amongst very emotional and temperamental people, who get angry

easily and are in less control of themselves. Some pieces of advise for

dealing with them:

Don’t try to avoid unpleasant talk - it is impossible.

The husband whose opinion is ignored is more frustrated than the one whose

arguments are heard.

Before making any arguments, think about the consequences.

Imagine you were in his shoes. He is making a point and you are listening,

but you don’t believe your ears: “How dare he! How could he

say that?!” Stop! Perhaps it’s better not to talk?

Don’t speak condescendingly about his intimate weaknesses.

Discussions of such delicate subjects in the atmosphere of an argument

lead nowhere or, at worst, result in violence.

Don’t involve friends, relatives, or children - even in

their absence. This is usually hurtful and will make your partner

even angrier.

Arguments never give way to any results. Learn to distinguish

between arguments and discussions. Write down your points on a sheet of

paper and exchange them. Then formulate what the ideal compromise should

look like in your opinion. You will learn a lot of new things after reading

your husband’s list of claims.

Don’t ignore the first signs: slaps and pushes.

Once you take them for granted, domestic violence is already normal

in your family.

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