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Fashion For Future Mothers

Pregnancy gives you the whole spectrum of crazy ideas about fashion for future mums. Your size varies day by day, therefore it is reasonable to buy clothes that look well right now, and will serve you some time later.


Your need for clothes is certainly defined by your way of life. If you work, your present wardrobe should satisfy the needs of a growing body and simultaneously be appropriate for the dress code of your job. If you spend most of time at home (not in public places) shirts and leggings of big sizes will suit you quite well.


When it is time to go shopping for clothes that will cover your growing stomach, you will probably have a desire to go to a special department for future mothers. But the problem is that clothes there are extremely expensive. In fact, you might have to change your whole wardrobe, which you will wear for only four months. Before buying something, consider some alternatives that can allow you to save the family budget:

  • Open the closet with your husband’s clothes. I’m sure you can borrow some of his shirts, T-shirts, trousers and sweaters for the following four months.
  • Revise your own stocks of clothes. During the first five months you can easily wear some of your dresses (without belts). You can also wear some of your former things with loose blouses, sweaters, long shirts etc.
  • At the beginning of your pregnancy, you can buy pants some sizes larger than yours (before pregnancy) at the lingerie department. When it’s time to visit the shops for future mothers (usually on the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy), you will find out that the clothes for pregnant women differ from usual clothes (or, at least, should differ). When searching for clothes, pay attention to the following details:
    • The hem of a dress should be longer in front so that your growing stomach doesn’t make your dress ill proportioned. That is why dresses of larger sizes from a usual wardrobe won’t suit you.
    • There should be some additional space for growing stout hands and a growing breast.
    • No linings. The temperature of your body during pregnancy increases, so linings will be uncomfortable.
    • The clothes should be loose to correspond to the raised body temperature.
    • You don’t need a lot of clothes “for future mothers,” but your skirts and trousers should group with blouses so that you can make different combinations. It is no use spending a fortune on lots of various special clothes.
    • The material should be durable and easily washed. You will have to wash your clothes at least 4 times more often than before.


Looking well during pregnancy is one of the ways to support your self-esteem. Do yourself a favor: buy or borrow fashionable, stylish clothes that will emphasize your appeal. Today the clothes for future mothers allow even very big pregnant women to look fabulous.

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