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Special Advice for Specialized Nail Care


Follow the steps below to get stronger, healthier nails.


The nail strengthening agent

Soft peeling nails can be literally clothed in armor to protect them against the harmful impact of the surrounding. The strengthening substances (for instance, liquid silk fiber and keratin) are applied on the nails by a brush after a manicure.


The nail growth serum

These lotions contain such special active substances as vitamins and minerals that strengthen the growing nail and make it firmer. When exposed to pressure, a strong nail bends rather than breaks. Such lotions are at the same time an excellent primary polish. You should just apply this agent on your nails (including the polished ones) every evening.


The pilling for nails

Small polishing particles that form part of such creams clean the nail surfaces from nicotine stains or stains from color polish and ensure soft polishing of the nail skin. If necessary, use them once a week or once in ten days.


The furrow filler

It looks like colorless or rosy primary layer polish and levels all the furrows and irregularities of the nail surface. It should be covered by nail polish.


Repairs sets

You can save half broken or split nails. Some beauty supply stores offer special repair sets that contain everything you need for this purpose (for instance, nail tips and some glue).


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