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A Wide Choice


Shops, restaurants, commercials… Everything keeps

telling us “Eat! Eat more and more often!” We obey and start

eating even when we have no appetite.


DANGER #6 a wide choice


Variety of food is a very important factor. It can lead, however, to

overeating. You get used to the products you usually eat and start eating

less of them. During an experiment, the participants were offered 4 kinds

of cakes. The next day they ate cakes of the same kind (though every one

could choose his favorite one). During the first day they ate 1/3 more

in comparison to the second one. Another experiment has proven that pasta

of a different configuration is 15% more popular than macaroni of the

same shape.



How to avoid this danger? Don’t think only about the

variety. Think whether this product is useful for you. It is natural for

the human being to feel the need for a variety of tastes. However, you

should not satisfy yourself eating more chips, crackers, ice cream and

candies. Try to remember how much pleasure you get from eating vegetables,

beans, soups, cereals and yogurts. When you are hungry, start with some

salad, even better, mixed salad: after that you won’t eat too much

heavy food like meat. The last thing: try to stick to just one dish when

at holiday table.


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