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New Baby, New Parents, New Family: A Few Words of Advice

You’ve brought a baby home from the hospital, and you have become a mother or a father, but also a doctor, a teacher, a friend and a psychologist, because as an infant your child will depend on you for...

Mommyís Little Girl

Little girls often play different games, assuming the roles of a mother and daughter. The careful “mother” dresses and spoon-feeds her “daughter”, and the “daughter”...

Maintaining a Relationship after the Birth of a Child

The birth of child is not only joy, but also solemn trial for matrimonial relations and frequent occasion to family discords. But if you value each other, it’s possible to avoid troubles since family...

Left and Right Brains

Fortunately the times when lefthanders were forcibly altered into right-handers have already passed. Nowadays a baby operating well with his left hand or with both hands equally won’t surprise anyone....

Keeping Your Children Safe

- A list of some of the most dangerous things for children.

Jealousy in Families with Multiple Children

- Jealousy in Families with Multiple Children.

Is It Possible To Bring Up Children Without Limiting Their Freedom?

“Trust but verify” -– the common truth that all parents know very well. In practice, however, it’s not an easy matter to give children a free hand. How do you keep from going too far?...

How To Make Kid's Mini Pizzas

How To Make Kid's Mini Pizzas

How To Cope With Teenagers That Use Drugs ?

For some reason, a lot of kind and sympathetic people who never faced the problem of a child’s or teenager's drug addiction say the same thing: “It's all his (her) fault!” To say that a child...

How A Healthy Sexual Relationship is Good for the Family.

Parents, children and sex. Said together, these words arouse surprise as if they have come from different languages. But physiologically, these things are impossible to divide. There can’t be any...

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