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Top 5 Indoor Activities for Kids

On rainy days, many of us get into the TV habit. What else is there to do? The best thing you can do is suggest activities for kids indoors to keep them busy. Here are some activities that kids can do inside that are fun and rewarding.

Soft toys:

soft foam balls can be used to play indoor basketball with a laundry basket. Play soccer with the couch as the goal. Do some bowling with empty water bottles used as pins. And catch has always been one of my favorite activities for kids when it gets boring or I want the TV off.


Fort and tents:

Whether you live in a private house of apartment, this is always fun. You can use real tents. You can build a fort using bed sheets and cardboard boxes or storage bins. These activities for kids greatly help stimulate their imagination.

Treasure hunt:

Hide little treats or treasures around the house and send the kids on a mission. You can take this activity a step further. Activities for kids should be rewarding and stimulate their imagination, so they can dress up as pirates. Have kids make their own costumes or help them make some pirate costumes. You can even be the judge of the best costume and give the winner a prize.


Obstacle course:

Set up chairs, boxes, and toys for the children to go over, under, through, and around. These types of activities for kids promote physical fitness. Take it a step further with an obstacle course race. Set up two obstacle courses and whoever finishes first, wins a prize.



This was my favorite game as a child, and now I play it with my kids. These activities for kids are great for stimulating imagination, and role play. Role play is much more than fun. It is very beneficial to a childís learning and development. Role play activities for kids help kids think in the abstract, understand anotherís perspective, and help build social skills and social awareness. They help build leadership skills, allow them to learn problem solving, and to acquire confidence within themselves. These activities for kids help improve intelligence because they engage their emotion, language skills, cognition, and sensory motor skills. All of this involves greater synaptic connections in different parts of the brain.

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