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Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Week 20


Most likely you will feel a burst of energy by the middle of your pregnancy. The state of skin and hair will be better. You will look great. Soon you will feel your baby move.


Your baby:

Hair begins to appear on your baby’s head, eyebrows and whitish eyelashes emerge. First-born grease (vernix caseosa) is formed – it is a white fattish substance protecting the child’s skin in the uterus. Arms and legs are developed already. The body is covered with a thin bladder. The baby is given protective substances through the blood; they provide organism resistance. The baby is very active; the first time you will feel his movement as a weak shake. He may react to the sounds outside. If he does not push too often, do not worry: the quiet period has come. The child’s length is 25 cm. Its weight is 340 gr.


New sensations:


The emerging of pigment spots should not worry you; they will disappear after childbirth. The nipples may start to produce transparent liquid – foremilk. Wipe it with a napkin. Do not try to extrude it. Plenty of vaginal secretion may take place and your gums may bleed. Joints and ligaments are relaxed; therefore you may feel pain in the loin and other places of your body. Appetite is likely to be good. Feet, ankles, face and hand swelling is possible. Varicose veins are there on the legs and in the anus. Your heartbeat is rapid. It has become easier or more difficult to have an orgasm.


The way you look:


The breasts have increased considerably. The belly is easily noticeable. The foot size may have increased. Nails and hair are growing very rapidly. Hair may appear in unwanted places. Your eye-site may become worse, but do not be afraid, after the child birth everything will be normal again.


This month you could gain 0, 5 kg each week. Now it is especially important to pay attention to what you eat, as the coming weeks are the weeks when the baby will grow intensively and your weight will be increased as well. The optimal gain by week 20 is 3 kg.


What you should do:


Keep your support right; do not strain the back. Wear footwear with low and wide heels.

Learn to lift things the right way. The main thing is to not to do it all of a sudden. First, stand firm, your legs are moved apart a bit. Bend your knees (not your loin) and lift the weight using your shoulders and legs muscles but not your back ones. Try to spread the load: carry two packs, one in each hand, instead of carrying only one but heavy. It is better to sleep on the hard mattress. When getting up, it is better to put both legs on one side of the bed and then to the floor but not to turn on your side. Try not to keep your hands up for a long time. Begin to think of the things your baby will need first of all. Try not to dye your hair or get a permanent. Your nails may become weaker, so put the gloves on while doing housework. Your pigmentation will only become worse if you spend a lot of time in the sun, so avoid it.

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